Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
SEO Strategies

Running an online business is one hell of a job. You always have to stay on your edge to keep an eye on the latest advancements to stay one step ahead of your competitors. More importantly, you need a solid online presence to increase your sales rapidly.

SEO of your eCommerce website is one of the crucial aspects of your online business. You have to maintain the ranking of the relevant keywords as per your products to ensure business stability. Understand the different types of eCommerce business models and find the one that best suits your business.

You can not expect your potential customers to go down the bottom of the Google search results page to find your website. If you are ranking in the top five search results, then there is a fair chance that you will get leads and sales regularly. Otherwise, online users do not like searching much when looking to buy products online by going to the bottom of SERPs.

So, your ecommerce website needs to stand out from the rest of the others to produce your desired results which means you have to level up your SEO game. But it all depends on what type of strategies you implement to improve the search engine visibility of your ecommerce website. Let’s explore some of the top SEO strategies that you should apply to your ecommerce website.

Consider Keyword Relevancy 

Doing keyword research is one of the vital parts of SEO, but relevancy is the integral element that you can not overlook. For example, if you are offering SEO services only in Houston, you would like to target the keyword like this “SEO Company Houston.” This keyword is relevant to your location, so the same thing applies when you want to target any specific product that you think people are looking for.

You have to address the intent of your audience while doing keyword research. For example, if you are searching keywords for the product “bedsheets,” then you should find out that what type of keywords your audience is searching for. Once you type “bedsheets” in the Google search bar, you will get the Google suggestions.

The keywords that you see in these suggestions are the most searched keywords. It provides you with a clear idea that what are the relevant keywords that you can target for your product.

Working without proper keyword research and ignoring the relevancy factor is like going into the battlefield without any strategy. You should take your time to do proper keyword research. It’s a one-time effort that will provide you with desired results in the long run.

Focus On-page SEO

To attain a powerful online presence, you have to pay attention to your ecommerce seo service website. There are plenty of factors involved in on-page SEO. Firstly, you have to ensure that every page of your ecommerce website is optimized. From title tags to product descriptions, you have to ensure that everything is perfectly placed.

It is essential to analyze your website to find out such elements that can affect the performance and user experience of your website. For example, you have to ensure that the navigation of your website is working smoothly.

A user should not face any difficulty while looking for products in different categories. You have to make it easier for the users to browse the products, so they can find their desired products easily. All these factors impact the on-page SEO big time, so you have to ensure that everything is perfectly placed.

Keep URL Structure Simple 

A simple URL structure will help you to attain a good search engine ranking. It is one of the basic SEO practices that also applies to ecommerce websites. You have to ensure that there is no complex URL on your ecommerce website.

It will also become easier for you to market your products on social media and to other websites with simple URLs of product pages. Google also gives preferences to such pages that have simple URLs.

You should also incorporate keywords in your URL to ensure that the page can rank in SERPs. The keywords in the URL will let the search engines know about the title of the topic. So, it will be easier to crawl that what the page is all about. You have to spend some time doing research about the keywords that are simple and can be incorporated easily in the URLs. It will impact the SEO of your website positively.

When people are searching for their desired products through a specific keyword, they are looking for exact results, so you have to modify your SEO strategies according to their thinking. Keeping URLs simple will make it easier for users to find your products easily. Eventually, it will keep on improving your ranking.

Avoid Duplicate Content 

You may have seen similar content on multiple websites, which is very common. To rank at the top in Google, you have to ensure that there is no duplicated content on your ecommerce website. You have to ensure that category and product descriptions are unique, describing the features of the products in a compelling manner.

You can hire an experienced content writer who can create high-quality content for your ecommerce website. Google penalizes duplicate content, and it will add zero value to your SEO efforts, so you have to ensure that there is no duplicate content on your site. For example, if you are writing content for the keyword “SEO Company Houston,” then you can analyze which websites are ranking for this keyword. It will help you create unique content by not repeating the same concept which they already have implemented.

Producing fresh content will fuel your SEO efforts. Rather than writing long product descriptions, you can figure out the duplicated content on your website and remove it. In this way, you can save time and effort. Also, you need to understand that content is not limited to the written text. Videos and images are also included in the content, so you have to ensure that every image and video on your ecommerce website is your sole digital property.


It is super necessary for the ecommerce website to rank at the top of Google. So, you have to implement the right SEO strategies to attain a powerful online presence. From doing the right keyword research to creating quality content, you have to keep everything in mind to accomplish your SEO goals and achieve a solid presence on search engines.

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