What Are The Specifications Of A Good Laptop?

What Are The Specifications Of A Good Laptop?

December 28, 2020 0 By Rahul Pandey

Buying a new laptop can be a pain in the head with all the specs lists and numbers. If you are also looking for a laptop according to your work, then this article is for you.

There are some particular factors upon which the choice of picking a laptop rest. You just need to understand those specifications and make a perfect combination as per your work and budget.

We know it is not easy to make these decisions on your own. So here, we will present you with those factors to make your new laptop under $1000 buying decision somewhat easier.

Factors To Determine A Good Laptop –

1. Processor (CPU) –

The processor is the brain of a laptop through which it handles different processes at the same time by prioritizing several tasks.

Intel Core i5 or i7 based chipsets are great options for an excellent laptop to have. If you have a tight budget, you can get at least an Intel Core i3 based processor, but below that is just a waste of money, i.e., Intel Celeron or Pentium chipsets. You can also check out AMD based laptops also as they are now emerging as a new contender in the market with budget-friendly laptop ranges.

2. RAM –

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a temporary type of storage that handles the running of programs and processes. More GBs of RAM means more the no. of programs you can run simultaneously.

For power users, we recommend having 8 GB of RAM so that you can open multiple programs along with ‘the RAm eater’ Google Chrome tabs. For tight budget mates, 4 GB RAM is enough to get the work done. Make sure to check that the laptop has the DDR4 or above type of ram with a high-frequency rate (at least 2500Mhz+).

3. Operating System –

The operating system is the software on which all the programs run according to a manner in a laptop. The most common types of OSs for laptops are macOS, Windows, Linux, and newly arrived Chrome OS.

As per our recommendation, macOS is one of the best laptops under 1000 dollars of all. With Apple’s efficient and economic UX and UI design, best synchronization features, and sleek Macbooks design, there is no one near them for now. Windows also a great option from a reputed company like Microsoft and nearly the biggest OS market capture and software compatibility.

Linux is good for technical fellas and not suitable for new users because of lack of support. On the other hand, Chrome OS is a totally new player from Google. It is suitable for absolutely simple users who want to do simple tasks like checking emails and doing stuff on the Google Chrome browser.

4. Storage –

Storage of a laptop is where all the data is stored including your operating system, files, software, etc. It is also a very important factor you should keep in mind while buying a new laptop.

They are generally of two types, SSD and HDD. We recommend opting for the laptops with at least 256GB of SSD. SSD is a faster type of storage system than HDD and it makes your laptop snappy and smooth. But there’s a catch, HDDs are generally cheaper than SSDs and comes with more storage capacity at the same price. So if you want speed, select SSD. But if you want more storage, select HDD.

5. Other Factors –

Screen – At least 1920 x 1080 resolution screen.

Battery – At least 30Wh 7 hours+ battery life.

Graphics – At least Intel HD+ or AMD Radeon Vega built-in graphics.

Conclusion –

Well, there are many more factors we can dig to find a perfect laptop for your work, but that may end up in extra effort with no result.

These are the top things you should keep in mind while buying a laptop for the best laptops under 1000 dollars. By this, it will be easy for you to acknowledge what you exactly want from your laptop. Until keep your search on.

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