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Counselors in schools also play an educational role in addition to their counseling duties. When it comes to their students, they address concerns relating to both the academic world and the ethical world. A career in this field is challenging, but it’s also quite rewarding.


Since counselors need to have a current knowledge base and have a place to acquire new skills, listening to podcasts is an excellent approach to keep abreast of the most recent challenges they face.


Below are some of the leading podcasts to choose from as a school counselor.


School Counseling Simplified Podcast



Some teachers stay in the field they love their whole lives, but many don’t make it beyond five years. Budget cuts, difficult parents, testing changes, and inept administrators may make a teaching job nearly unbearable after years of education. This podcast provides educators with the resources and community to excel in their chosen industry. Being one of the best podcasts for school counselors encourages teachers and counselors to persevere despite challenging situations by arming them with the required strategies and knowledge.


A Day in the Life of a School Counselor


This podcast is distinct from others in that it is a video podcast. Marissa Rex teaches first grade and serves as an elementary school counselor, and she shows you what she does every day and how she plans her time to get everything done. The podcast is a component of the platform, which contains blogs, resources, and program information for elementary school counselors.

Poppy Moon’s School Counseling Podcast

Poppy Moon teaches school counseling at the University of West Alabama, where she is the department chair. Over the years, she’s picked up a few tips and methods that have helped her become a more effective school counselor. She mentors her podcast listeners the same way she mentors her pupils in the classroom. Dr. Moon devotes an entire podcast to discussing notes and documentation and how to work with small groups of primary school pupils. It is an excellent podcast for counseling students and recent graduates.


American Counseling Association

These podcast episodes can be downloaded directly to a member’s computer. Podcasts deal specifically with the counseling side, such as “Values and Ethics in Counseling.” Still, school counselors will also find “Hunger, Hope, and Healing” and “Counselors in Transition” useful. “Integral Deep Listening” is a valuable foundational learning episode for school counselors’ professions. To be helpful to school counselors, podcasts should be both educational and therapeutic.


The Cult of Pedagogy


The Cult of Pedagogy provides an extensive collection of podcasts on various aspects of education, such as edtech, classroom management, education reform, and teaching methodologies. Jennifer Gonzalez, a former educator, and the company’s founder, gives practical insights to empower teachers. For instance, in the episode “Just Add Movement to Boost Learning,” she discusses six strategies to bring movement into the classroom.




This podcast discusses contemporary school counseling concerns and developments in the typical circumstances school counselors face regularly. One such interview is with Kristin Kelly, who outlines how counselors can help children in foster care. Another illustration is an interview with a Florida counselor who discusses the decline of respect in schools.

#EdChat Radio


Bam Radio is the largest all-education talk radio network globally, and they are the ones who host #EdChat Radio. The podcasts serve as a tool for collaboration and cover conversations that take place on Twitter (thus the hashtag) and issues of interest to educators who wish to keep up with current events in the field of education.


Trust For Teachers


Truth for Teachers by Teacher Angel Watson is an extensive collection of podcasts containing practical classroom suggestions and messages of support to persevere. The ultimate objective is to motivate educators to succeed in their vocation. For instance, the episode titled “Fewer Things, Better: The Courage to Focus on What Matters Most” provides a reviving message for teachers who are frequently told they are not doing enough. If you wish to delve more into the subject, Watson has a book with the same title.


Google Teacher Tribe


The Google Teacher Tribe podcasts, produced by educators Matt Miller and Kasey Bell, focus on practical methods for teachers to integrate G Suite and other Google resources into their classes and lesson plans. If you’re seeking innovative ways to use Google, listen to the episode on Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom, where they discuss applications such as Duolingo, Quizlet, and Flipgrid that you may already be familiar with.


The Edtech Podcast


Sophie Bailey, the originator of the Edtech Podcast and an education innovation strategy consultant, wishes to facilitate the dialogue between “ed” and “tech” through storytelling. This conversation will ultimately enhance creativity. Most of the podcast’s listeners are teachers and other people who work in education, but there are also people from government agencies, startups, blue-chip companies, and investors. Those interested in edtech should listen to “What Do Teachers Want from Edtech?”




Podcasts catered to school counselors are perfect for listening while driving, whether to or from work, or even while cleaning the house. They are especially beneficial for careers like school counseling, subject to high-stress levels, and frequently face challenging circumstances. So, listen to these podcasts to gain practical advice and stay up to date on the latest information in the field.

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