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A good number of motor accidents today result from carelessness and drunken driving. Once someone is under the influence of a substance, they should keep off the road. Unfortunately, many are times when such individuals continue with their escapades even after they have indulged in alcohol. The result is often catastrophic as many end up causing accidents, some of which are ghastly and lead to loss of lives.

It helps to understand the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol if you are to avoid it altogether. Below are some of the most critical factors you need to understand regarding this issue. Keep reading to figure out why you should never drive when drunk.

Poor Judgment and Wrong Decisions

Drinking and driving will impair your judgment. This means that you will not comfortably make sound decisions which means that you ought to focus on the road but may be distracted by the alcohol in your system. What’s more, you may have visual impairment worsened by alcohol. Not everyone can pay attention to one thing when intoxicated with alcohol.

It can cause an accident when drunk because you do not know what to avoid when moving. If this ever happens, you should immediately contact a motor vehicle lawyer to help you handle the situation faster and smartly before making a worse mistake. When drunk, the lack of judgment and impairment can be the source of distraction that could easily cause serious accidents.

Slow Reaction

When drunk, it is almost impossible to coordinate things or move swiftly when needed. Even if you don’t cause the accident, whenever you are drunk, and a clear indication of danger is before you, the chances are that you may not be able to move away swiftly. Everything moves slowly in your mind, and the chances are that you cannot differentiate things.

Therefore, you may be hurt just because you were not quick enough to move out of the way. Moreover, due to the lack of clarity, it is easier for the accident to be pinned on you, and you may not do much. Unless you have eye-witnesses to come to your defense, it is easy for the culprit to get away and leave you in trouble.

Besides this, coordination is essential when driving. When drunk, it will be impaired, and you may not differentiate some essential controls in your car. Once you lack this, you put yourself and others at risk since your motor skills will be severely impaired.

Reduced Vision

Unfortunately, when one over consumes alcohol, the result is that they tend to blur their vision. Everyone knows how important clear vision is when driving. Most drunk-driving accidents occur because the driver cannot see ahead because of the alcohol in their system. Usually, they react when it is too late and end up causing severe harm to themselves and other road users. In addition, the alcohol in your system destroys your ability to tell how far your vehicle is from the rest. Therefore, take time to understand this as you go along.

Potential Death

Choosing to drive when drunk is almost as though you are signing your death warrant. The risk is just too immense for anyone to dare it. It is not advisable to do so since it increases the chances of causing accidents and affecting yourself and others. The risk of death is also very high and obvious. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it this way; hence they go ahead. Even though some may be lucky to get to their destinations every time they do it, there is no guarantee that it will always happen that way.

Legal Ramifications

Death should be a scare enough to discourage you from driving while drunk. Unfortunately, not all people are bothered by this. For such, the idea of legal consequences may push them to be more careful with their actions. The law has a lot to offer when you are caught driving drunk. You may not only attract a hefty fine but could also be jailed for it. It is even worse if you cause an accident or lead to the death of other road users in your carelessness.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even take reckless driving to face the full wrath of the law. You may be pulled over by the police or authorities and forced to face the consequences when you are suspected of being drunk and driving. Several tests and measures are used by the officers of the law that indicate the amount of alcohol in your system at the time you are being pulled over.

Each state has its stringent measures and laws governing the drink-and-drive situations. You may spend a few months behind bars just for driving under the influence, even when you have not caused an accident. The mere fact that this is a risk you willingly took without considering the potential consequences attracts such a hefty punishment.

Final Thoughts

Road users are advised to avoid drunk driving. You never know whose life you may be risking by choosing to drive drunk. Moreover, it is not even worth it for your own sake. Always get a designated driver to get you to your destination once intoxicated. It is always better to be safe than sorry or dead. Take all the precautions and avoid driving drunk.

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