What are the rare side effects of Durabolin?

March 31, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Durabolin has a lot of positive effects for people who are looking to enhance their muscles and strength. After all, that’s the reason why many go into Durabolin cyclesHowever, just like other steroids, it’s not all positive for Durabolin. 

Now you must know about the general side effects of the drug. But here we will talk about the uncommon or rare side effects of this drug. 

What are the rare side effects of Durabolin? 

These are some of the rarer side effects of the steroid: 

  • People using Durabolin can experience prostate cancer
  • There can be an excess amount of calcium getting deposited in blood 
  • People might be battling with an enlarged prostate
  • Users of Durabolin might experience water retention and that can lead to pain in those areas 
  • Some users have been diagnosed with liver cancer as a result of taking this drug
  • There could be excessive fat getting deposited in your blood
  • You could experience a bad heart attack. It could get worse and be heart failure as well. 
  • Some users have experienced a stroke after using this drug 
  • People have reported experiencing blood clot formation in their veins 

What are the common side effects of Durabolin? 

What are some of the common side effects that are experienced as a result of Durabolin?

  • Women tend to develop more masculine characteristics. The condition is called Virilism 
  • Men experience Priapism or the condition where your penis stayed erect 
  • There can also be acne breakouts
  • Not having an interest in sexual intercourse
  • Users can experience leg cramps
  • There have been cases of diarrhea as well as abdominal bloating
  • Many users of Durabolin have reported that they have difficulty sleeping after taking the steroid 

Which organ in the body experiences the worst side effects as the result of taking Durabolin? 

When it comes to the side effects, this drug affects a lot of organs. But the one organ which gets badly affected is the liver. Now, this is because many people have reported liver inflammation after taking the steroid. Along with this, people have also experienced blood-filled microscopic cavities present in their liver. 

Also, users have said that blood tests have found a high level of bilirubin in their blood. As a result, they had to deal with jaundice as a result of it. Now, if you experience such effects then it’s advised that you seek medical attention immediately. 

However, apart from the liver, testicles are so adversely affected due to Durabolin. This is because many users have reported inflammation in their testicle Epididymis. But one of the most common complaints is about a lower sperm count. 

How does Durabolin change you on an emotional level? 

Durabolin induces a lot of changes on the emotional level as well. Like: 

  • You will either feel over-excited or you will feel depressed. People have even reported feeling these two emotions on fluctuating levels every day. 
  • Many people have feelings of aggressiveness and hostility. Many people also show that aggressiveness with uncontrollable anger. 
  • Women have reported having erratic menstrual cycles 
  • People have said that their skin has darkened
  • One of the biggest changes on an emotional level has been people experiencing decreased appetite or low energy. 

While Durabolin is useful, but it also comes with plenty of side effects. As such it’s advised that you use it with caution and contact a medical professional if you see side effects of using it. 

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