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different types of speakers

There are several audio types of equipment like headphones, earphones, earbuds, speakers, etc. But when it comes to watching movies, playing games, and listening to music, the speaker system will remain the preferred audio equipment choice.

A speaker is an audio device that is available in several types. This is the primary advantage as it makes it easier for buyers to find the correct speakers as per their particular requirements.

They are available in various sizes, features, shapes, designs and price segments. Every speaker type is designed for different usage. 

If you check online home theatre stores or plan to buy Sony, Creative or JBL home theatre, you are in the right place. Check this guide to understand your needs before making your purchase. Let’s take a look at the various types of speakers:


This is the most common type of household speaker. Loudspeakers turn electrical signals into sound waves. Devices and instruments & like computers, radios, portable audio players, televisions, and electrical musical instruments, have smaller loudspeakers. The sound performance of loudspeakers is based mainly on how well they are used in the unit.


The primary purpose of a subwoofer is to produce lower frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 200Hz. If you are a fan of bass, you may consider opting for a good-quality subwoofer. In the 2.1 speaker configuration, .1 is meant for the subwoofer. A standard 2.1 speaker system comes in a set of one subwoofer and two satellite speakers. Considering a subwoofer is necessary as satellite speakers cannot produce proper bass sound on their own.

Bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speaker systems aren’t meant just for the bookshelf. You can place them on a shelf, table, or any other elevated platform. This speaker system is perfect for small or medium rooms. Bookshelf speakers will need a receiver or an amplifier to play. These speakers can be an excellent choice when you don’t have adequate space in your room to place a large speaker system.You can find a huge range of such bluetooth speakers and other Pro Audio Equipment in online stoes like Gigasonic.

Bluetooth speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers from lots of popular brands come in numerous designs, sizes, and price ranges. Opting for a Bluetooth speaker means you do not have to face the wiring issue. You just need to sync or pair your Bluetooth-enabled gadget with the speaker. You must keep in mind that such speakers have limited battery backup. The Bluetooth speaker with a higher battery backup will let you listen to music without any hassle for a long period before you need to charge them.

Soundbar for television

Soundbars are long and slim speakers. They come bundled with multiple individual speakers inside them. If you intend to purchase a speaker to connect with your Television, a soundbar could be the correct choice for your need. You just need to attach the soundbar to the wall or keep it on the TV stand.

Ceiling speakers

If you wish to go for a durable audio system option in your room, consider checking the ceiling speakers. As this speaker variant is mounted for the long-term period, it is highly advisable to opt for excellent quality speakers. Speaking about ceiling speakers, they are mounted on the room’s ceiling so that you can easily keep your floor clean and still enjoy the high-quality music. The crucial thing in this speaker configuration is installation. It would be best if you got them installed by a professional or an expert only.

You can check online home theatre stores to find different types of speakers. Searching the correct speaker system with the help of the above guidelines based on your usage or needs gets easier. Between various styles, you need to choose the most suitable one for your budget, use,  and primary features. You can also check the product line of JBL home theatre, as they offer pretty good quality products. Let Bring in the Noise help you find the right speakers for the perfect surround sound experience.

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