What are the different types of promo code?

What are the different types of promo code?

April 15, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Today, even promotional code supports keep pace with technological developments. Small paper coupons or reduction tickets are used less and less. Indeed, the creation of electronic commerce (e-commerce) led to the establishment of the e-couponing concept. Coupon codes are now registered on virtual coupons. But, the objective of this marketing strategy remains unchanged. It is always a question of promoting sales as much as possible. But what does the promotional code correspond to and what is its typology? Overview in this article.


The promotional code designates a sequence of letters or numbers written on a coupon. This allows a potential buyer to benefit from several privileges. Most of the time, promotional codes correspond to a reduction in the price of the items.

However, these privileges may vary, and in particular, depending on the products that the buyer wants to acquire. In fact, the advantages granted by the promo code on a household appliance are perfectly distinct from those of textiles. This is why there are different types of promo codes.


There are different types of promotional codes: discount codes and codes offering in-kind benefits. How do they differentiate themselves?

1. Promo codes in €

This is the most common type of promotional code: the discount code with cashback . In fact, some large brands offer a bershka discount code as long as the customer has a promo code. Without forgetting that it must also meet the other related conditions. Therefore, clients are followers of it because this marketing concept directly affects their portfolio. Coupon codes in € are usually linked to technological devices such as branded computers and smartphones.

2. Promo codes in%

A percentage discount is not entirely distinct from a euro discount. By activating a promo code, the customer will subsequently obtain a reduction in the price of the item or of all the products in his basket that he wishes to purchase. However, the dollar value of coupon codes as a percentage is usually more attractive. Also note that the higher the price of the item, the higher the corresponding discount.


3. Gift promo codes

Here, it is no longer a question of discount coupons, but of another form of advantage. Many big brands offer their customers freebies as promotional codes. Beauty products are most often affected by this type of promo code. For example, sellers offer one item as a gift for the purchase of two products.


4. Coupon codes offering free shipping

From a minimum purchase and a promo code, a buyer can have their items delivered without the slightest cost. This is therefore another benefit in kind.


Taking into account all its advantages, the e-couponing concept exceptionally keeps first place in the online marketing strategy. More importantly, it is a very easy way for customers to save their money and it corresponds to an increase in turnover for advertisers.

A promotional code or promo code is a sequence of numbers and/or letters communicated to a potential customer, allowing him to benefit from a reduction or an advantage. Their success is so important that it ended up having the opposite effect: the famous code addict clients. Like any promotional marketing tactic, its nature and conditions for implementation depend on the nature of the (often momentary) objective to be achieved. Let’s review the types and conditions for framing this sales development and customer retention tactic.

5 Appear on as many discount coupon sites as possible

Indeed, in this competitive environment, you have to put all the chances on your side to reach Internet users: they must easily find your promo code to proceed to the act of purchase. Numerous studies report that 50% of e-commerce customers use promo codes.

We also recommend offering several promotional codes. When a brand offers less than 2 offers, it is estimated that 81% of customers will go to competing sites.

  1. Do not overuse the promo code

To maintain your brand image, you must adapt the frequency of distribution of coupon codes. Indeed, for a brand of luxury products, distributing too many promotional codes would be a sign of poor quality in the collective unconscious. This could harm your business and your reputation.

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