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It’s no surprise that it’s important to consume water everyday. Missing even just one day can start a flow of problems in your body, which can affect how you feel, think, and behave. Case in point? Drink plenty of water! Here are excellent reasons to down several glasses of liquid sustenance every day.

Helps You Down Food

During meal times, you may notice that food can get clumpy and be hard to swallow. Water can help your food make its way through your esophagus by lubricating it. Simply drink a glass of water to ease the start of the digestion process, making sure to take enough to push everything down. Avoid tap water if possible; instead, try some obtained from a reverse osmosis water filter for best taste and purity.

Helps You Lose Weight

If you’re trying to keep your weight down, then drinking water is one great way to help you reach your weight loss goals. Each time you gulp down a glass or two, the liquid fills up your stomach, making you feel full. A feeling of satiation will help you abstain from chowing down on more foods that would eventually add to your overall body mass.

On the microscopic level, water is necessary for the body to burn fat. It participates in the metabolization of fat, which chops it down to create other useful molecules that the body needs. Without water, your body cannot process this activity properly, which could lead to excessive stores of fat and possible health problems associated with it.

Flushes Out the Bad Stuff

Water is quite important for maintaining bodily health by expelling out unneeded toxins and waste products from the body. Your body naturally accumulates waste each day and must deal with it or suffer the consequences of excessive buildup. Water helps transport undesirable waste away from the body via the sweat glands, urine, and fecal matter.

Enables Temperature Control

Humans do not want to be too hot or too cold; either extremity can feel rather unpleasant and can irritate even the calmest personalities. Water is able to hold exorbitent amounts of heat, making it a valuable component in temperature regulation. When the temperature rises above comfortable levels, the body can release heat through sweat and urine, both of which are mediated with water. After ridding the body of these liquids, the internal body temperature can begin to return to normal.

Keeps Your Body Moist

One of the best benefits of water comes in the form of keeping everything in your body moist. The various tissues in your body need water to stay in shape and function, so having more is better in general. Water keeps your eyes, saliva, lungs, skin, and internal organs hydrated.

Moistens Your Mouth

Some people may complain about having a dry mouth, which is caused by a lack of water in the saliva. A dry mouth will have saliva that is gunky and a tongue that adheres to the inner cheek or roof tissues. Drinking enough water will keep the saliva in full production and able to hydrate the entire mouth.

Prevents UTIs and Kidney Stones

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney stones are painful health conditions that can manifest in the absence of water. Water helps the body remove waste from the bladder via the urinary tract. If there isn’t enough water to help push everything out, harmful toxins and bacteria can remain, which may eventually result in an infection. The kidneys require water to help it filter out harmful toxins, so drink plenty to help it do its job.

Although you may already know that water is important to your survival, you may also want to know about the other benefits that come along with drinking it, especially on a daily basis. Drinking water will bring about good health, feelings of pleasure, and improve your appearance. Drink adequate amounts of water to take advantage of these benefits.

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