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Types of Logo

A logo is an image, icon, or symbol used to represent your business. But there are 7 different types of logos that you can pick from. All these logos are a combination of typography and images but each logo can be used to give a different feel and vibe to your brand. 

Designhill has mentioned the 7 types of logos below- 

Monogram Logos

Monogram logos or letter marks are such kinds of logos that consist of letters, usually initials. IBM, CNN, H&M, HBO, etc. are a few popular examples of monogram logos. These businesses have lengthy names but the initials are used to present themselves in front of an audience. These businesses started using initials instead of lengthy names for brand identification purposes. So, using letter marks or monograms is perfect for businesses to make themselves easy to remember. 

A letter mark is a typography-based logo that contains a few letters, the usual initials of the company name. Letters can be used creatively but with simplicity to effectively present your company if you have a long name. 

The font chosen in letter mark logos is very essential as it is the main thing for people to focus on. The font style chosen must match with what your company does and should also look good on branding materials. Furthermore, the color chosen for the letter should also match what the company does. Colors can be used to connect with the audience emotionally. Furthermore, if you are starting, try to incorporate your company name below initials so people can begin to learn about you right away. 

An online logo maker can be useful to see plenty of creative designs. You can easily choose one that fits your brand and customize it to perfection. 

Word Marks 

A word mark or logotype is a font-based logo design that focuses on the business name alone. It doesn’t use initials but uses the whole name of the company. Famous examples of wordmark logos are Visa, Coca-Cola, Google, etc. These logotypes work great for companies with succinct and distinct names. Google has a catchy and memorable name so when it is combined with attractive typography, the logo creates quite a strong brand recognition. 

Typography is one of the major decisions in word mark logos. As the focus is on your name, you need to make sure the font that you choose represents the essence of your brand. For instance, fashion label designs use clean, elegant fonts which give a high-end feel. On the other hand, legal or government agencies use traditional and heavier text which feels secure. 

A word mark logo is a great choice if you are new in business and want to get your name out there. For this, you must have a small company name. Too long company names can be hard to memorize and fail to connect with the audience. 

Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark is also known as a brand mark or logo symbol is an icon or graphics-based logo. The iconic Apple logo, Twitter bird, Target bulls eye are popular examples of logo symbols. These companies have emblematic logos and each brand is established so the symbol alone can be recognized instantly. This logotype might not be perfect for new companies or those without strong brand recognition or popularity.

The main thing to consider while creating this logo is to choose the right image. The image that you choose to represent your brand will continue for a very long time. While choosing the image you need to consider a few things. Do you want to use your name to make an image out of it? Or do you want to use images to create deeper meaning as Snapchat ghost tells us what that does? Or do you want to connect with the audience’s emotions? 

To create pictorial and any type of custom logos, you can take the help of a logo generator. These are equipped with easy-to-use graphic design tools and loads of pictures, symbols, etc. for you to select from. 

Abstract Logo Marks 

Furthermore, the next type of logo is an abstract mark. An abstract mark is a specific type of pictorial logo. This abstract geometric form is not a recognizable image like Apple or bird but it is useful for representing your business. A few popular examples are the BP starburst logo, the circle Pepsi logo, and the stripy Adidas flower. 

Abstract marks are great as they condense your brand into one single image. They are not just restricted to one image but can allow you to create something unique which represents your brand perfectly. 

Abstract logos are useful to convey what your company does symbolically, without relying on the cultural implications of a particular image. Depending on the color that you choose, you can easily communicate emotions through your logo.  

You need to use different forms of your logo for different branding purposes. Design size guides available in online logo makers can be used to create perfect logo forms for different media. 


Next, mascot logos are logos that consist of an illustrated character. These types of logos are cartoonish, colorful, and most of the time fun. Mascot logos are a great choice if you want to create your brand spokesperson, spokes-character. 

This is simply an illustrated character that represents your company. These mascots can also be thought of as ambassadors for your business. Famous mascots include Kool-Aid Man, KFC’s Colonel, and Planter’s Mr. Peanut. These mascots are great to create a wholesome atmosphere by impressing families and children. Mascots are quite effective in engaging with the audience. 

Keep in mind that these highly detailed illustrations are not perfect for all branding materials such as business cards. 

The Combination Mark

A combination mark consists of a wordmark or letter mark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. The picture and text are used at the same time. These can be placed side by side, stacked on each other, or integrated into an image. Some well-known combination marks are Burger King, Lacoste, Doritos, etc. 

A combination mark is a versatile choice with both text and icon. With this, people begin to associate your name with the pictorial mark used. In the future, you might be able to rely on your symbol exclusively depending on brand recognition and popularity. With a combination of symbol and text, these logos are easier to trademark than pictorial marks alone. 

The Emblem

An emblem logo consists of text inside a symbol or icon just like badges, seals, or crests. Such logos create a traditional appearance. These are perfect choices for schools, organizations, or government agencies. Auto industries also use emblem logos. Emblem logos have classic style but these can be modernized to create designs perfect for the 21st century like Starbucks’ iconic mermaid emblem.  

These logos have higher detail and contain names and symbols together. So, these kinds of logos are less versatile. Such designs are hard to replicate across various branding materials. Too many details will get shrinked on business cards and become difficult to understand. 

Bottom line

A logo is the most essential part of the branding process so taking professional help is advised. Online logo makers are a great option to create logos easily and it is time-saving too. Along with the logo, other branding materials are necessary such as brochure design, email signature, flyers, business cards, etc. These can be designed using an email signature generator, flyer maker, and more tools.

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