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What Are Interoperable NFT Games?

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No matter if you are a crypto supporter or not, there is no denying that Blockchain technology heavily impacted the world in many ways. First of all, we have the change in the global financial market, offering new ways where people can transfer their assets. Additionally, we have another very strong branch of blockchain and crypto technology, and it is NFTs.

For those who don’t know NFTs (non-fungible tokens) represent digital assets tied to a certificate of ownership that people can purchase on the store on the Blockchain.

The NFT industry has also impacted many things including the collector’s market, as well as the gaming market with the birth of an entirely new segment, play to earn games with NFTs.

Since NFTs represent digital assets, they are the perfect match for games just because people can now actually own their digital items such as cosmetics, weapons, and other in-game items. However, even though the NFT game space already changed how people interact with games, we are still at the beginning of the journey and this technology has a lot more to offer.

Inching towards the future of NFT games is a category of games that are made on a very unique concept that might change the gaming industry forever. Such games are called Interoperable NFT Games.

What are Interoperable NFT Games?

The entire concept of interoperable NFTs is the utility of the in-game items that can be used in different games. The concept is actually pretty straightforward, you can buy interoperable NFTs that can be used across multiple platforms or games.

For example, with traditional gaming, if you buy skin in Call of Duty Black Ops, you cannot use that skin in other games from the franchise.

However, interoperable NFTs open up the opportunity for in-game items to be used in various games no matter from where they are purchased.

This is where the NFT industry shines and will bring the biggest change to how people play games. As of now, these interoperable NFTs can be used in various ecosystems or game franchises. 

For example, if you purchase a weapon skin in the Call of Duty ecosystem, you’ll be able to use it in every Call of Duty game. However, the potential of this technology doesn’t stop there. Since we live in a time where a lot of people talk about the Metaverse the interoperable NFTs will advance to a point where we can create our own digital characters and play different games online not just from the same ecosystem.

Interoperable NFT games on the other hand allow you to utilize NFTs from various games.

How Will This Influence the Gaming Industry?

Well, as we mentioned before, interoperable NFTs will come in handy in the Metaverse. Playing digitally with your own digital assets traveling from one game to another but keeping the same items. Such interoperable NFTs will have a huge impact on the gaming industry.

On one hand, people will save money by not being forced to buy new skin or any form of digital asset with every new game release. On the other hand, this will be a significant drop in profit for the organizations just because people will pay once and never again.

With that said, the best thing about NFTs is that organizations or the artist behind them can set royalty fees, in which case the game developer will get a percentage of every transaction.

The ability to play with the same character in various games is also a very interesting concept that might impact the entire gaming industry. Can you imagine rocking up with Kratos from God of War in Mario Cart? – It will be hilarious. 

We are sure that the Metaverse and interoperable NFTs will have some limitations regarding the graphics and the usability of the games, but it is a rather interesting concept that can make gaming even more interesting.

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