Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Is there a purpose to my life? Is that end clearly defined for me, or do I have the freedom to choose my own path? Somewhere between these two perspectives is where most of us live. We are free within certain constraints. These may be self-imposed, or they may arise from social pressures, parental expectations or simply our own limitations.

The choices are open to us, but the paths are not nearly as wide as we might desire.

This is especially clear when something very bad happens to us. We lose a loved one, say, or have some terrible accident that leaves us maimed for life. It is easy enough under these conditions to ask ourselves what it has all been about. Was there any point in even trying to be happy? Was it worth going through so much misery just to arrive at this blank wall of nothingness? What was God’s purpose in allowing this terrible thing to happen? And again the questions which confront every man at times like this: Where is God now that I need him most? Why does he seem silent and indifferent?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and it’s come to my attention that life is pointless. We work our whole lives just so we can die one day in the future. It sounds depressing when you put it that way, but what other explanation can there be? What else do we live for if not to die someday? Nobody knows how long they’ll live or what will happen after death, but everyone has to deal with the fact that someday they will die. The only person who doesn’t have to worry about this is God because he created us and knows exactly what happens after death. But why would he create such a complex system for no reason? Why does the world exist if its only purpose is to one day cease to exist?

How can I find the motivation to work so hard every day if I die one day and nothing will happen afterward? Who cares about what we do after we’re gone? We don’t even know how everything works. It’s like putting an engine into a car and not having any idea what makes it run or where it’s supposed to go, yet we still assume that the engine will move the car along just fine without us. The point is that some people may never find meaning in life at all. They might live their whole lives as pointless as they make them out to be. And who knows? Maybe there is no point. But if everyone assumes that there is a purpose but nobody can really prove it, then how can we all be so sure?

But I don’t want to live a life without meaning because I see people enjoying their lives every day and I wish that I could experience this for myself one day. It may not be the greatest feeling in the world, but at least it would give my life some happiness. Everyone wants to feel happy about what they do in life, even if all they do is sit around playing video games every single day after school. It doesn’t matter if you’re not doing anything with your life or living for yourself because as long as you enjoy yourself then you’re by me. At least you’re not sitting around thinking about death and life is pointless every day like I am.

So just remember that everyone has to die someday, but there’s no reason why you can’t be happy while you’re here. Just because you’re living for you doesn’t mean that your life is pointless, even if there is no purpose after death. And even if you don’t enjoy doing what you do every day, remember that it will all pay off at the end of one day through some kind of magic power. But until then, live for yourself and nobody else because life is too short to worry about other people when it’s your turn to die someday anyway.

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