What Affects The Length Of The Eyelashes?

What Affects The Length Of The Eyelashes?

December 23, 2020 0 By Tech Junkie


Every woman dreams of lovely, thick, and long eyelashes. From antiquity, women took care of their appearance and emphasized their eyes’ wonder by applying natural mascara made from coal or soot combined with honey or oil. We associate Egyptian frescoes with slender figures with long, black eyelashes. People with long, black eyelashes were related to the smart set and the fashion for covering them up to spread to other civilized ancient countries, and it will be said that it continues to the present day.


Sources say that human eyelashes grow 100-150 days on average – there are 150-250 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 50-150 eyelashes on the lower eyelid. In total, it gives us 200-400 lashes on one eye, that’s  400-800 lashes on both eyes. A straightforward mathematical equation shows that nobody should worry if they see even eight eyelashes on a cosmetic pad during the evening makeup removal. Extreme mascara, which causes them to stay together, prevents them from declining the eyelid quality until the makeup is removed. The upper eyelashes are longer – they reach 8-12mm, and therefore the lower eyelids 6-8mm. Eyelashes’ most role is to guard the attention against pollution, damage, and, for instance, too intense light. These are facts. But what affects lash length?


Genes have a fundamental influence on the looks of eyelashes. Each human organism encompasses a programmed number, length, vitality, and strength of eyelashes in them. of these parameters are potentially obtainable because of a correct lifestyle  – diet, health, not being exposed to harmful external factors – yet as by

avoiding mechanical damage (tearing, chipping), thermal (heat curling eyelashes), and chemical (cosmetics with improper composition, adhesives).

A diet is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and H (Biotin), micronutrients supporting hair growth – mainly copper, zinc, iron, and selenium within the correct amount and saturated fatty acids, perfectly keep the development and strength of eyelashes.  The body’s condition also affects the intensity of the color of hair and eyelashes – someone leading a healthy lifestyle will have eyelashes of a more intense, vivid color than an individual with identical predispositions but not caring about the health of a correct diet.


A person with long, thick eyelashes usually wants to boost eyelashes’ looks using optically thickening and lengthening cosmetics, further as eyelash curlers – traditional, electric, or thermal. The successful matching of the makeup can work wonders, even for short and sparse eyelashes, but styling with eyelashes shouldn’t be done on weak and delicate eyelashes.


How long eyelashes have an opportunity of growing in an exceedingly given person results from two factors: the rate of eyelash growth and therefore the length of the hair cycle within the case of eyelashes – in people with long and thick eyelashes, eyelashes proliferate and fall out slowly, and in people with short and sparse eyelashes their growth is slow, and that they fall out and replace with new ones even twice as fast as in people with a protracted eyelash growth cycle.

Eyelash conditioners used externally on the eyelid are designed to stimulate the expansion of eyelashes mainly by extending the anagen phase, i.e., the hair/eyelash development. The body gets an external stimulus to stay the eyelashes longer on the eyelid, which increases both their length and density.


In other words – to own long eyelashes, it’s best to depend upon the strength of genes and use their potential through an appropriate lifestyle and proper care behaviors. Fortunately, nowadays, people with delicate, short, and sparse eyelashes can also stimulate them by using preparations that promote their growth or optically lengthen and thicken them.

The ingredients in Careprost and Bimatoprost Online eyelash serum make it add a special way. the merchandise is predicated on substances of fine quality (including natural and herbal). due to them, it not only conditions the lashes, but it also stimulates growth, strengthens the fullness, and protects against premature aging and loss of lashes.

You get all the advantages after you use Buy Careprost and Careprost Eye Drops regularly. the applying itself is straightforward due to a brush – two even strokes on the left and right eyelids are enough to even out Careprost eyelash serum over the skin and provides the hair follicles all the nutrition they have. The serum is light, runny, colorless, and is absorbed in precisely some seconds, without disturbing the following step within the skincare routine.

The effectiveness of Careprost is remarkable – it’s a rather larger size and you wish little serum for one use, that the treatment lasts even for 6 months.

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