Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Web 3 In Healthcare: A Detailed Overview

We are now preparing for something big. Machines have started taking a substantial role in transforming the way we interact with people and data with more accuracy. Like any other technological advancement, the Internet was born too out of people’s desire to make technology work in their favor. Back then, nobody actually knew what the Internet was and how to use it. It only came into the spotlight when it changed the world order drastically.

Rapid globalization, instantaneous communication, and transaction across borders became the new norm with this new technology. However, the demand for security and privacy has grown to an incredible extent recently, leading us towards an Internet with capabilities beyond human imagination. From Web 1 to Web 2 to Web 3, we see an evolution of internet technology, the most advanced stage being all about blockchain and concepts like decentralization.

Web 3 is currently the talk of the town. It has caused many industries to improve, including healthcare, and has established the idea of a Metaverse. There also seems to be a huge increase in the number of web 3 development companies in the space. Though there are many implications of web 3, here we will focus specifically on web 3 in healthcare. Together, let’s see what new possibilities will be unleashed in healthcare with web 3

What is Web 3?

Even if you know, let’s just quickly recall what web 3 is all about. Web 3 is a term coined by the co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood. He believed it was a powerful catalyst for enabling the global tech ecosystem to thrive. Backed by blockchain, the core idea of web 3 is decentralization which means shifting powers of control from intermediaries to users. 

How Will Web 3 In Healthcare Revolutionize the Industry?

Web 3 development companies are allowing the healthcare sector to adopt emerging technology for the betterment of their services and society. This fusion opens new channels for delivering treatments and lowering costs in healthcare. There are other benefits of web 3 in the healthcare industry as well, and let’s discuss them in detail. 

Data Management, Security, and Ownership

Web 3 for healthcare is predominantly used for proper data management in major healthcare institutions. This is because blockchain is the backbone of web 3. Blockchain technology offers a structured way to store data in its immutable ledger of records and makes handling patients’ data hassle-free. Moreover, the decentralization mechanism also helps the industry to achieve data security by restricting the control of third-party intermediaries.

Medical Education and Training

Conventional medical education or training practices are limited to images and videos only, which somehow hinders the learning procedures. Applications of web 3, specifically the metaverse, have helped alleviate this problem. Medical students can now learn and practice in an immersive and simulated environment.

As a prelude to real-life surgery, they can also conduct virtual surgeries in the Metaverse and acquire practical experience. Decentralisation, or the transfer of authority from institutions to individuals, is at the heart of Web 3.0. Although a decentralised Internet can give students more learning options, it might also decrease the influence of educational institutions.

Final Thoughts

Web 3 is bound to make a progressive impact in healthcare. The different aspects of web 3 are truly changing the healthcare landscape. Unlike traditional healthcare services, web 3-based services in the sector encourage decentralized and distributed data mechanisms. Perhaps, giving back the powers to users and enabling a structured data management system.

Integration of web 3 in healthcare eventually brings more transparency, accessibility and affordability to the medical ecosystem. The future of healthcare definitely is going to change with lots of great innovations. Are you ready to witness the new realm of virtual opportunities? Because we surely are. 

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