Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
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We know how to build a green energy future. Now we need to do it

The pandemic has accelerated the wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles. It has contributed to an unprecedented surge in the use of tech tools. Broadband companies offering Cox cable packages have further disrupted traditional communication practices. 

All that plus the pandemic has forced humanity to rethink its ways about the existing energy systems. World governments already know how to use green technology to pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. However, much work needs to be done on this front.  

That said, here’s how we are moving towards a clean and green future:  

Renewable Energy Sources Are Getting Cheaper  

There was a time when renewable energy sources like solar, hydropower, and wind were quite expensive. That is starting to change. Renewable energy is getting affordable thanks to technological advances. The widespread awareness regarding clean energy has prompted companies to create affordable clean energy systems.  

Many high-tech companies have shifted to solar energy solutions to meet their energy needs. The pandemic has also forced many companies to adopt renewable energy solutions. Fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources have caused tremendous damage to the environment. That doesn’t mean we should keep using them.  

Smart Home Solutions Are Getting Popular  

Increasing awareness about climate change has prompted people to rethink their professional and private lifestyles. More and more homeowners are starting to adopt smart home solutions. These tech-based solutions promote a greener and cleaner environment. From smart air conditioners to washing machines, these appliances can bring about a significant cut in pollution levels.  

Smart gadgets such as robot vacuums, self-cleaning litter boxes, and air purifiers can create the ultimate neat and clean environment. The best thing about these smart gadgets is that they work on their own without any assistance. They do not contribute to carbon emissions. That means you can clean your house in addition to maintaining a check on the overall environment.  

Companies Are Adhering to CSP  

The environmental cause has become a major part of corporate social responsibility. Companies know that they won’t be able to succeed if they don’t adhere to positive climate practices. Protecting the environment from harm is one of the priorities of brands and organizations. If you are a brand, you know you can’t incur the wrath of the public by contributing to climate degradation.  

The concept of corporate social responsibility emphasizes the need to protect society and the environment. Human rights and CSR go hand in hand. Companies that adhere to CSR understand that they are accountable for their actions. Many brands follow CSR practices by working for the uplift of philanthropic and charitable causes.  

Electric Vehicles Are Becoming the New Normal  

Cars powered by fossil fuels are expected to go extinct within the next hundred years. Top vehicle manufacturers like Tesla and Volkswagen are conducting tests for self-driving cars. The mass production of electric vehicles is already underway in different parts of the world. To this effect, tech giant Google has rolled out prototypes of self-driving cars.  

There’s no denying that the future is driverless. Traditional vehicles have done much harm to the environment. The smoke emitted by vehicles is a major reason behind rising temperatures. And it is not just the environment that’s being affected. Vehicle emissions can cause breathing issues among other health concerns.  


These are just some of the things that are happening all over the world. Climate activists such as Greta Thunberg have already slammed world leaders over their incompetency to protect the environment. The support for climate causes continues to grow. The current generation is well aware of what needs to be done to save the environment. They are pressing hard on world governments to change their attitude towards the environment.  

The need of the hour is to implement various climate agreements in letter and spirit. The planet has suffered a lot due to our negligence. The pandemic has been a wake-up call for many. The clock is ticking and if mankind doesn’t do something soon, it’ll be too late. We are living in an age of transition. Fossil fuel energy consumption is becoming outdated. Countries have to put climate cause at the top of their priority.  

The world is devastated. Now it’s time to rebuild it. 

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