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Getting started with poker games online may seem like a difficult process at first. Searching for the right website to game on, learning the rules and regulations of the game, differentiating between offline and online poker. All of these factors can become a hindrance for someone intending to start with poker. Hence, in this article, We will go in-depth into understanding how to get started with, and the many different ways to play the best online poker.

The points that we shall cover in this article are:

  • Getting started with Online Poker
  • The best Poker sites to Game on
  • Tips for Ranking up in Online Poker

1. Getting Started With Online Poker

Now, if you’re one of those who just decided to start playing poker but have no idea where to start, you’re at the right place. At the start of this blog, we shall cover what are the minimum requirements for you to start playing poker, What are the best poker games online that are available for a player to experience, and we shall also discuss the difference between playing in tournaments and playing cash games. 

  • Minimum Requirements

Now, poker is a game that requires a poker room and equipment like tables, cards, etc. However, thanks to the presence of online poker, all that players need nowadays to enjoy a quick game is a mobile device or a desktop with an active internet connection. Even the best online poker sites are not at all very demanding in terms of hardware or software so a large segment of devices can be used to game on. You can also play by either downloading the poker app or by simply joining on your internet browser because of the technology that poker companies use to develop their applications.

  • Best Poker Games Online

There are a ton of poker variations out there from Texas Hold ‘Em to 7 card stud, and each game is unique in its playstyle, rules, and the whole gaming experience altogether. The majority of the poker sites out there offer most of the variations of poker there is, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we have several websites lined up for you that can help you play the game of your choice. 

  • Tournaments Vs Cash Games

Poker Tournaments are popular all across the world and the rules are simple. There is a stack of chips that each player starts with, and as the game proceeds, players get disqualified. The one that survives till the end and beats all the other players is declared the winner and takes home a large pot.

Cash Games on the other hand are a similar concept but are much less competitive as compared to tournaments. Here, if players do get disqualified, you can buy back your position in the game by handing over some extra chips, either from your Rakeback poker discount or by investing your own money into the game.

2. The Best Poker Sites to Game On

Now that we understand how the basic game mechanics of online poker work, let’s have a look at some of the best online poker sites that players can use to play their games and indulge themselves in.

  • PokerStars

Being one of the biggest and the best online poker game sites in the world, PokerStars has taken the Indian Market by storm. The site uses great UI design to ensure players have the best experience possible. Also the addition of great deals and offers like the Rakeback poker discounts greatly help in customer retention. If you’re new to online poker, PokerStars would be a great place to start.

  • Spartan Poker

Another giant in the online poker industry, Spartan Poker is well known for the wide variety of tournaments it offers, ranging from freeroll to cash tournaments. In addition to that, Spartan Poker also offers its players multiple cashback and weekly discounts, similar to PokerStars, along with a welcome bonus for all its new members.


Wouldn’t you like a website that offers players benefits like Rakeback poker discounts, signup bonuses, and even deposits bonuses? Well, Pokerlauncher is the leading website for online poker offers and deals and India’s first aggregator to bring all major poker sites under one platform. A must recommend for all those who wish to receive additional benefits with their games. 

  • PokerBaazi

Yet another popular website among new players, PokerBaazi is a growing poker site in the Indian Market and offers high-quality tournaments and promotions. One good thing about PokerBaazi is that since it is not as well known with worldwide operations as PokerStars, even moderately good players will have a competitive advantage as the majority of the players are recreational gamers. 

3. Tips for Ranking up in Online Poker

Nearing the end of our article, we have now understood how to get started with online poker, and also the different sites where we can play the game. We also have for our readers, a few tips and tricks to get you up and about in the online poker industry. 

  • Learn the Rules, Positions, and Hand Rankings

They can be invaluable information to use in the game and can give you an edge over other players so that you get time to formulate the right strategies to win the game.

  • Start with Low Stakes to Understand the Game

Starting your first game with a lot of money does not make sense and is not a great strategy either. Play with small amounts at first to understand the game before moving on to larger amounts.

  • Learn to Play Aggressive

We know how this sounds but in poker, you have to simply look out for yourself. Beginner players often make the mistake of playing openly for too long and letting the opponents get the better of them. Start playing aggressively and take your opponents out, one at a time.

  • Don’t Multi-Table just yet

Multi-Tabling demands equal concentration at every table for you to profit from all of your tables. It is better to learn with one table at a time and start with multi-tabling once you have mastered playing on one table with complete focus. 


As we now know, there is a multitude of ways to enjoy playing the best poker games online, and it’s easy enough for anyone to get into gaming. We hope that this article could be a source of help for all of those out there who want to get into the online poker industry and get skilled at the king of card games. Poker is anybody’s and everybody’s sport, easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master.

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