Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Human life whirls around emotions and almost everyone goes through emotional breakdown. The same thing happens with children also they also go through emotional distress and the most astonishing fact is mostly adults are unaware that kids also go through emotional breakdown, it’s just they are not able to express it. They also have the same feelings and emotional level as an adult and they also feel bad after losing something, if adults wish to understand the level of sadness in children, then they must notice their kids while their pet dies or falls ill. Kids are attached with their pets very emotionally and they can’t bear them in pain anyhow or separation from and immediately go under separation anxiety if their pets are lost even for 6 minutes. Institute ERP of schools these days are focusing a lot on maintaining emotional balance among the kids also. To ensure a good mental health school ERP of schools are keeping psychologists also in their schools to check the mental health of kids’ time to time. Following the same schools’ managements make sure that students must use some innovative tools while online education like LMS portals because LMS portals make learning online safe and easy for the students.

Parents need to teach their children that if they feel sad about something then it is ok and they are not alone, they have company of their parents, tutors, mentors and peers too. Everyone in this world feels sad sometimes at some stage of life and sometimes this feeling of sadness stays for a moment only and sometimes it stays a little longer too. It is completely okay to feel sad as humans but that doesn’t mean that kids should let the sadness take over the control of a happy mood anyhow. It is a simple phenomenon that as soon as sad feelings go away happy feelings take their place. So, no need to worry at all. Parents need to tell their kids that no problem in this world has no solution. So, they just need to be optimistic and hold on in adverse situations. If they are sad due to any reason then they should do some act of kindness and it will sooth their heart because they become helpful to somebody at his/her hour of need and this feeling over laps the feeling of sadness as it sends message to the kid’s mind that a moment, he/she was feeling helpless and now he or she helped someone, isn’t it wonderful? From their life long experience parents need to teach their child that if something is ruined and can’t be fixed then kids must find something good in that bad. For example, if the favourite video game box got broken by a child, then instead of crying, he or she should think that now they have a chance to concentrate more on their studies and to play physical games in the playground along with peers. Nothing is immortal in this world so they need not to feel sad for anything lost instead switch their mode towards any new source of happiness.

Many times this happens. When kids reach the playground then other kids have already started to play then being not able to join then it is not necessary to be sad instead, kids can play their own other games and join other kids who are free at that time. This is another method to feel better and happy. Sometimes it happens that a bully may say some bad and demotivating words to a kid that hurts a lot or sometimes it is kid’s own peer who insults him/her then no need to stick with such a rude person and make new friends, because student life is about learning so keep learning even from bad and make a new and fresh start instead of wasting time on being sad. Even kids have to face the death of their loved one or their loving pets which makes them very sad. Parents need to make them understand that instead of being sad for those who died, stay positive and remember their good memories with a smile about how caring and loving was the person towards him or her. Parents can make their kids very strong and able to face sad feelings if they teach all the above things to their kids.

By John

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