Vitamin B3 Rich Foods For Healthy Metabolism

Vitamin B3 Rich Foods For Healthy Metabolism

January 15, 2021 0 By Anonymus

Do you want cholesterol levels to be controlled and your metabolic system to stay healthy? Come on, diligently consume a variety of foods that contain the following vitamin B3!

Have you met your vitamin needs today? Well, one of the important vitamins for the body is vitamin B3 or niacin. This vitamin is a micronutrient that is used to maximize the metabolic system, nervous system, and as an antioxidant.

Vitamin B3 is also a vitamin that is useful in converting food into energy.

This vitamin is important for the improvement of body cells, lowers LDL cholesterol levels, increases HDL cholesterol, lowers triglyceride levels, & has anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Rows of Vitamin B3 Rich Foods

Vitamin B3 can indeed be obtained from supplements. However, it would be nice if you also fulfill it from your daily intake.

These foods contain lots of vitamin B3 and can be processed into delicious healthy foods!

Chicken breast

Chicken meat, especially the breast, is a good source of vitamin B3 and protein. A total of 85 g of cooked boneless and skinless chicken breast contains 11.4 mg of vitamin B3.

This amount meets the daily intake recommendations for men (71 percent) and women (81 percent).

Tuna and Salmon

For those of you who don’t like to eat chicken or beef, tuna and salmon options can be relied on. This delicious fish that likes to make sushi is also a good source of vitamin B3.

According to Nutrition Data, United States, 165 g of tuna meat can provide 21.9 mg of vitamin B3. This amount is sufficient to meet daily vitamin B3 needs.

Meanwhile, 85 g of wild Atlantic salmon can meet the needs of vitamin B3 for men as much as 53 percent and 61 percent for women.

In addition, tuna and salmon also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for fighting inflammation. In addition, it can reduce the risk of heart and autoimmune diseases.

Minced beef

Who likes to make spaghetti sauce with ground beef? This delicious ingredient is high in vitamin B3, protein, iron, vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc, you know!

To maximize the benefits of ground beef, choose one with less fat. This is because the niacin content in ground beef without fat is more.


This snack is actually rich in vitamin B3. As much as 32 g (2 tablespoons) of peanut butter can contain 4.3 mg of vitamin B3. Suitable to be a complementary menu at breakfast.

Apart from being rich in vitamin B3, peanuts also contain protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins E and B6, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

Peanuts are often considered to have high calories. However, proper consumption is believed to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.


This fruit is indeed rich in benefits, one of which is a source of vitamin B3. Avocados also contain fiber, good fats, and various other vitamins and minerals essential for the body.


Who are vegetarian and confused about choosing a good source of vitamin B3, choose mushrooms. Apart from vitamin B3, mushrooms also contain vitamin D. Vidalista and Vidalista 60 is useful for men’s health.


Whether peeled or not, potatoes are a type of food rich in vitamin B3. One large baked potato can provide you with 4.2 mg of vitamin B3.

Benefits of Vitamin B3

There are many benefits produced by vitamin B3 for the human body. Not only for health but also for beauty. The following are some of the benefits of vitamin B3.

It helps remove red marks on the skin.

The skin is a part of the body that is often attacked by pollution and other germs. The skin is very sensitive to germs and other parts. Therefore, the skin needs special care, especially for bacteria. When the skin is exposed to bacteria, the skin will change color to redness, and it can all be cured by consuming this vitamin B3.

Heals swelling

Another benefit of B3 is that it can treat swelling in the body, especially in very vulnerable parts of the body. Vitamin B3 can return the swelling to be healed again.

Helps digestion

In addition to curing diarrhea, this vitamin is used to maintain digestion so that digestion can function normally. With the presence of vitamin B3 in the body, it can help the body control and supervise foreign objects that enter and fight it because it has a function to increase metabolism in the body.

Diabetes treatment

Vitamin B3 is also good for curing high blood sugar or diabetes is often called. Diabetics can use the benefits of vitamin B3 to control blood sugar levels so that blood sugar levels are not too high and it will be easy to recover. Vidalista 40 and Tadalista the treatment for ED.

Increase strength in brain cells

Vitamin B3 is not only formulated for the beauty of the body’s health. It turns out that this vitamin is widely used to increase intelligence in children who are still growing. At this age, children need formulations that add intelligence and activeness in their activities. That’s why vitamin B3 is highly recommended to increase intelligence in addition to other vitamins.

Health Risks of Vitamin B3 Deficiency

If you are inadequate in vitamin B3, you can see several symptoms, including the following.

  • Skin redness and irritation
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Anxiety and depression

Vitamin B3 deficiency can be triggered by a lack of consumption of foods containing B3. In addition, it could also be due to factors inhibiting absorption and processing in the body.

These factors include alcohol consumption, chronic diarrhea, and cirrhosis of the liver, digestive problems.

In addition, vitamin B3 deficiency can also cause a person to develop pellagra. This condition is a disease caused by a vitamin B3 deficiency. There are three typical symptoms, namely diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia.

This disease is not considered chronic, but it can affect anyone. Both young and old all them can be affected if they do not get enough vitamins B3.

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