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Imagine trying hundreds of pairs of glasses from anywhere without ever having to pick up a single pair. The popularity of virtual eyewear triumphs has exploded in recent years. The technology’s gone from being a cool feature that could help eyewear brands stand out from their competitors to being an essential part of the shopper journey that consumers have come to expect when looking for a new pair of glasses. So, with virtual try-on everywhere, modern-day shoppers demand more and more enriching experiences. Those who fail to adapt will lag behind and struggle to stay ahead.


The popularity of Virtual Try-on feature for Eyeglasses

Many solution providers offer virtual trials in the form of imposing glasses onto a flat image; others ask you to record and upload a video of you moving your face side to side, and some even require assistance from the user to calibrate the video by holding a card up to their forehead.


Nobody has patience for all that, so some intelligent brands have simplified the experience and removed all these pain points by offering users a real-time virtual try-on experience without any hassle. The end result is an instantaneous smooth, and fun user experience. In a world of instant gratification, immediate results can make all the difference when it comes to keeping a potential customer on your site and encouraging them to make a purchase after experiencing virtual try-on glasses.

Advanced AI Face Mapping for Virtual Try-on

By using advanced AI face mapping, powered by patented agile face technology, many successful eyewear brands are now able to accurately detect and track the position and movements of a user’s face. While superimposing 3D glasses rendering right onto the live image in real-time. There are no pre-recorded videos, no loading new web pages, and no holding items up to the camera.


The glasses are made hyper-realistic by ensuring that every aspect can be adjusted and customized to match the brand’s collection. This includes customization options for changing the color size shape curvature of the frames. Some brands are also able to customize the lenses quickly, adding or removing reflections, adjusting the color, or modifying the tint and opacity of the lenses. The whole process of creating and then customizing digital renderings of products can be done in minutes and without the need for any expensive 3D modeling equipment.


Virtual Try-on for Prescription Glasses

A virtual trial-on system for prescription eyeglasses is a trial system that can build a corrective lens model based on the user’s prescription and generate sympathized video allowing your user to try out a variety of prescription eyeglasses virtually. Many digital eyewear stores now offer a realistic simulation of refraction, which increases the perceived realism. 


According to a recent study, the proposed virtual try-on approach takes as input the users’ image sequence eyeglasses prescription and a frame model. The pipeline consists of virtual eyeglasses generation and video synthesis inspired by the traditional eyeglasses manufacturing process. 


How it actually works?

The virtual eyeglasses are generated with three steps, eyeglasses positioning, creation for parametric lens model, and lens cutting and mounting in the video synthesis stage. The virtual eyeglasses are then rendered and inserted into the input image sequence. Taking into account the effects of refraction, reflection, and shadows, the output is a synthesis of the video where the user is wearing the virtual prescription eyeglasses. We will now describe each step in detail.


  • First, the eyeglasses are manually positioned onto the user’s face geometry.
  • The positioning of the eyeglasses is down for the first frame. For the subsequent frames, we use face tracking for automatic positioning. 
  • Then a parametric lens mode is created based on the users’ prescription lenses. 
  • These lenses are then aligned with the user’s eye center. The software trims the lenses into the eyeglasses frame based on the optic axis. It is then virtualized, damned rendered, and inserted into the input image sequence taking into account, eyeglasses frame and the lenses.

With SmartBuyGlasses‘ Virtual Try-On tool, you can discover your perfect pair of glasses. With millions of eyewear sales happening online every year and this number only increasing, a powerful frictionless virtual trial solution is not simply good to have a gimmick, but an essential tool when looking to connect with customers and increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

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