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VIP Explorer Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the United Arab Emirates, which gets visitors from across the globe. The tourist destination offers a variety of experiences and packages to the visitors. The local population may be aware of how they can make the most out of their experience, but the foreigners often search for activities to not miss at the aquarium and underwater zoo. 

The facility is open all seven days of the week, from ten in the morning to twelve at night. The timing usually stays the same; however, it can change according to the circumstances. In addition to it, the facility is open for adults and children above the age of three. Age and physical restrictions are imposed on some of the visitors due to their own safety concerns. VIP explorer experience is the best package you can enjoy at the facility.

Dig deeper into this article to explore the details of the VIP explorer experience at the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

Top 7 Highlights of VIP Explorer Experience

The aquarium and underwater zoo facility in Dubai offer a variety of packages that include a basic one, explorer experience and VIP explorer experience. The last one is the best because it covers a vast range of activities. In addition to it, it offers ideal enjoyment for groups of friends or families, while the other two packages stick to a basic practice only.

Here are the top highlights of the VIP explorer experience aquarium and underwater zoo authorities are offering to the local and international tourists in Dubai.

1. Skip the Queue line

VIP Explorer
Queue line

The very first highlight of the VIP explorer experience at the aquarium and underwater zoo facility is the skip the queue line. The programs allow the visitors to get Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets online instead of waiting in the long queues to get their passes. It also allows them to visit the facility freely instead of moving ahead by following the queue.

2. Aquarium Tunnel  

VIP Explorer
Aquarium Tunnel

The aquarium tunnel is actually the main highlight of the facility. It is included among the most attractive aquarium tunnels in the world, though it is not much longer. The visitors get the opportunity of exploring the vast marine population through a closer perspective, which often leaves them awestruck.

3. Shark Week Exhibit  

VIP Explorer
Shark Week Exhibit

The next highlight of the aquarium and underwater zoo is the shark week exhibit. If you are very much interested in sharks, this experience is going to entertain you significantly. The shark week exhibit allows the visitors to observe sharks in the habitat closer to their natural one. In addition to it, it also provides significant information about sharks which helps visitors know them better.

4. Underwater Zoo

VIP Explorer
Underwater Zoo

Another major highlight of the aquarium and underwater zoo is definitely the underwater zoo that houses around three hundred marine species. It also includes some of the most unconventional marine creatures too that intrigue the interest and excitement of the visitor. It also makes the experience unforgettable.

5. Back of house tour

VIP Explorer
Back of house tour

One of the unique highlights of the aquarium and underwater zoo is the back-of-house tour. Due to this VIP package, the visitors are taken on backstage under the guidance of staff. In the back house tour, they learn and explore the management of the aquarium, as well as the underwater zoo. They also get to know about the breeding and feeding experience of the marine creatures.

6. Penguin Cove

VIP Explorer
Penguin Cove

The underwater zoo and aquarium in Dubai also offer an activity named penguin cove to the visitors. The facility has a set of male and female penguins that are kept in the habitat closest to their natural one. Watching the penguins is one of the most enjoyable activities as they are quite naughty and love to tease each other. You can easily enjoy watching penguins live by buying the VIP explorer experience package.

7. Glass Bottom Boat Ride

VIP Explorer
Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Glass bottom boat ride is one of the most adventurous experiences offered by the aquarium authorities. As the name suggests, the activity allows the visitors to ride a boat with a glass bottom and enjoy the marine creature from an even closer experience. You can buy tickets online not to miss the chance of enjoying this unusual ride.

Book your tickets to enjoy all highlights of the VIP explorer experience!

If you are visiting Dubai, or even if you are a local resident, missing out on a visit to the aquarium and underwater zoo is the most regrettable thing. So, do not add this to the list of your life regrets and book your ticket now to enjoy this experience and create lifelong memories. You can also explore other packages and get their ticket online, but the VIP explorer experience is the best one to get a thorough tour of the facility. So, pick it without a doubt.

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