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If you’re establishing a firm, getting your first marketing plan correct is critical. While it may not be a make or break for your business’s long-term prospects, it will have an impact on how good a start it gets. Get it right and your company can quickly start to thrive; get it wrong and you might be back at the drawing board. 


How can you make sure that your business’s marketing campaign targets the mark from the start? When it comes to launching a new firm, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that video may be beneficial.


Why is video such an effective marketing tool for new enterprises?



You’re a new company in a crowded market, so you need to make an immediate and strong first impression on your target audience. Video may assist you with this. It’s also easily shareable, which means that once your video is online, it can be quickly spread across social media and other online outlets.


You can develop an interest in your new business by making your video interesting and engaging. Your first video is an excellent method to introduce your company, goods, and services while also expressing the driving spirit behind what you’re doing.

What caused you to start your firm? Was there a void in the market or was it something you were passionate about?


Videos are a fantastic way to share your values, motivation, and passion with a larger audience while also encouraging people to engage with what you’re trying to accomplish. People buy goods and services for a variety of reasons, and it’s seldom just about usefulness. They’re searching for reasons to identify with your company’s message, and videos provide the ideal platform to do so.



Video now consumes over 80% of all internet traffic, making it essential to include video in your digital marketing efforts if you want them to have real reach and broad appeal.


Everyone has a camera on their phone. Whether it’s a night out, a family gathering, or any other event that people enjoy sharing, everyone does it. There is an expectation that companies must also do so. It isn’t even much of an overstatement to say that every company needs to be a media business these days. Video may help you connect with your potential consumers by bringing your products and services to life.


When it comes to digital marketing, video has taken the lead. It’s immediate, engaging, and simple to access and share. You get the chance to make video an important part of your marketing plan right from the start as a start-up. This gives you an edge over some of your older rivals since you may be nimbler and more responsive than they are after they’ve already developed their strategy.



You’ll need a strong SEO plan to get your new business website noticed. There is evidence that marketing videos may help improve your SEO rank on YouTube, which is the world’s second-largest search engine. Because Google owns YouTube, including films with keywords and addressing the concerns that customers are asking can help you expand and diversify your online presence. 


Video may be shared across social media, reinforcing your presence, and building a powerful SEO ecology that can help support your overall marketing plan. SEO is more than simply putting the right keywords in written material; it’s a sophisticated approach for search engines to satisfy the demands of their users. As a result, they’re continuously updating their algorithm to account for new trends.


Video is quickly becoming an important element of online activity and search engine rankings have recognized this. Video may play a significant role in ensuring that you are seen if you want to be noticed.



The world of business is complex, particularly if what you’re selling is new and inventive. Video can aid in the explanation of a product’s features and operation. Even if your product is well-known, the video may illustrate why your offering differs from the competition.


An explainer video allows you to demonstrate, rather than just inform, potential customers about the goods and services you provide and how they can be used to solve their problems. After watching a product movie, consumers are far more likely to buy something. If you’re just getting started with video marketing and don’t know where to start, a product explanation may be helpful.



There may be periods early in your company’s life when you face genuine difficulties that make you question what you’re doing. When things get tough, it’s important to remember why you started your business. Video content creation might assist you in defining and expressing the aims of your firm.


Unlike blogs or podcasts, podcasting allows you to tell a more substantial narrative to your clients. However, before you can get to that point, you must first consider the specifics of the tale you want to convey. As a result, you’ll have to think more analytically about your company. The procedure itself might assist you in defining your brand, improving your offering, and providing resources for early-stage business challenges.



At Eight Engines, we’re enthusiastic about assisting companies in telling compelling stories. We can assist you in producing compelling video content that delivers results.

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