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In 2022, the video should be something like an ID card for your business. Leading a marketing strategy without video has become almost unthinkable. Of course, if video hasn’t been part of your marketing strategy so far, it’s never too late to become and maybe now is just the right time. Even if the video is one of your marketing weapons, it would be good to get acquainted with the trends that have proven to be great and that are expanding.

7 Video Marketing Trends

  1. Statista’s study shows that 77% of those surveyed use a mobile or tablet to watch online videos. Therefore, it is important to think more about the image and that the video can be effective without sound. This is supported by the following data – 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off. Also, it is not only prevention in the case of this data but also shows care for your clients, who may not be able to watch the video with sound for various reasons. Instead of leaving your video unattended just because of that, of course, there is a solution for everything. This does not mean that you should make every video only a focus on shots and not use statements, but it is an ideal solution for closed captions or subtitles.
  2. Automation. The magic word of modern marketing. A process that is gaining momentum and is certainly one of the trends for 2022. Automation can not only be applied in different segments of your business but can be applied in any business, regardless of whether you are a small, medium, or large company. Some business leaders claim that job automation can “save” you as much as 360 hours a year, while some research shows that employees spend as much as 3 hours a day on processes that can be automated, which would be almost half the time. Let’s focus here on the video. Several apps can help you with this, such as Plainly. The point of this is to shorten your steps when creating a bulk of videos. So a video can only have certain sequences that change, while it stays the same for the most part. For example, you change graphics, client names, locations, timelines or length, time, and place, while the rest of the video stays the same. So that you don’t have to make a new video every time, automation will solve that. Platforms like Plainly offer you different automation options according to your needs.
  3. Customize the video to your communication channels. You can also do this very easily with the help of platforms like Plainly and automate some steps. For example, the video you create may be of different lengths and shapes for different channels. Therefore, on YouTube, which “suffers” longer videos, there can be a location for posting the whole video, while on Facebook, a shorter part of the video can go, and let’s say on Instagram Story, a 15-second video as a kind of trailer.
  4. Ensure easy finding of your content, ie focus on SEO optimization. Simply put, SEO optimization means that your site is ranked among the first in Google search. This leaves the customer with the impression that you are relevant in your field of business, and at the same time increases the traffic on the site. Video uploading, which can be automated, which we mentioned above with the Plainly platform, can help you with just that. The following items can help you with this – keywords, stick to the keywords in the video title, add popular keywords related to the topic, and of course, don’t forget the subtitles.
  5. Create a unique experience for the viewer. Everything close to the real picture, everything that is behind the scene, and everything that provides clients with new information and inside that at first glance they cannot see is an interesting and good idea for a video.
  6. Let your customers be your promoters. You will probably believe in the relevance of a product if it is promoted by its direct user or a person you trust in some way, rather than through advertisements of the brand itself. Use it for your brand! Satisfied customers or your chosen promoters – celebrities relevant to your brand, influencers, etc … can share content on their social networks or your video. Influencers in particular have gained great power in promoting products and advocating for certain values ​​and ideas, so make sure these people align with your brand vision. They will increase your visibility in that way, and you will build greater trust with your clients. You try to offer them some benefits, and if you choose the right people, it will surely pay off.
  7. Interactive video formats are becoming more common, and their dizzying rise in the world of video marketing is yet to come. These are video formats in which you activate your clients, to participate in different content by clicking on the different options you give them in the video, which then lead to the goal you want. Some experts predict that the future will even bring the possibility of shopping via video.

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