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Using Promo Codes for Grand Canyon Airplane Tours:

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I’m one of those people who love to save money, so if I find a way to get a deal on a plane tour of the Grand Canyon, I’ll do it. So far, I’ve come across two fairly robust strategies. However, lately I have been getting big discounts with coupon codes.

Coupon code basics:

Promotional codes are made up of a set of letters and numbers intended to be used when purchasing travel tickets online. Gives you the opportunity to get a discount on the retail price of the tour. Most coupon codes have very short expiration dates, so read the details.

These codes can save you up to 10% on retail, so they are well worth using. In a nutshell, this is how it usually works if you use it for online booking:

Choose your tour

Enter the number of passengers

Enter departure date and flight time

The online booking form will display the total cost of your tour, as well as a link to enter any promotional codes. Do this and then hit the submit button – you will see you get the best price!

Two More Money Saving Strategies:

Discount codes are great, but what if you don’t have one? I found that you can still get significant savings by following these two money saving strategies:

Online book:

Some people mistakenly think that they can call the travel company’s sales department and use shopping coupon code and get special rates online. Well, neither one nor the other will happen, my friends. Travel company sellers work for a commission, so you’ll pay full price if you book by phone.

Reserve in advance:

I always recommend booking Grand Canyon tours at least a week in advance, but in the summer I do it for up to 10 days or two weeks. In addition to getting much better fares than those you get at your destination, you have more tours, dates and flight times to choose from.

West Rim or South Rim: What Is It?

Vegas travelers can choose south or west. South Rim is 270 miles from the Seine, but planes can get there in less than 60 minutes (the bus takes 6 times longer!). The Western Circle is just 120 miles from the hotel, and flights from Las Vegas take 30 minutes.

If you come from Vegas, the advantage you should choose comes down to what interests you. Choose the West Rim for thrills and excitement, but choose the South for stunning natural beauty. There are currently no flights connecting the two terminals. I’ll let you know right away if this changes.

If you are starting somewhere in Arizona (Sedona, Phoenix, Mesa, etc.), you will need to drive your car (your own or rented) to Tusayan, Arizona. It is here that the airport of the Grand Canyon National Park is located. You will be offered two tours by plane from the south side to choose from:

The 45-minute flight only shows you the Dragon Pass and other major landmarks in the region; or:

Tour package which includes plane ride, 4×4 jeep ride to Antelope Canyon and soft water kayak tour (no slopes).

We hope this information on plane promo codes will save you some money. You can only get a huge discount with a valid voucher code, but you will save even more if you use it when booking online – this way you will receive a discount on the voucher code in addition to the special price online!

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