Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

As a store you always want to stand out, but this is not always easy ofcourse. Especially not when your store is located in a busy shopping street where the competition is fierce. You must have the right resources in house to draw the attention of the customer and to lure them in.

Flags in busy streets 

Flags are one of the most successful ways to stand out in busy high streets and attract customers. Flags are as old as the road to Rome but still serve the same fate: Stand out and show to whom you belong. Today, flags come in all shapes and sizes; beachflag, facade flag etc. . Flags can be found at every corner on the streets.

Window shopping for shops

Large windows are a must for shops. In this way you give the customer an insight into what you have to offer as a store. But the customer must of course know who they are looking at. That is why companies have window stickers made in order to demonstrate this to the customers who have a look inside.


Dark days, bright solutions

It is especially during the dark (and shorter) days that it is important to stand out with your company. And what better way to do that than with neon signs? Whether you opt for small and subtle or large and striking; with good illuminated advertising you can no longer be missed in the dark and that is exactly how you want to stand out in a busy shopping street!

In the sale 

One very successful way to lure customers to your store is by putting different articles on sale. Customers are always very careful with their money and especially after the pandemic. That is why when it comes to their attention that a store is having a big sale. They are very likely to pay a visit.  


Besides sales you can also work with what is called loyalty programs. These are for example savings campaigns by which customers get advantages the more they come to the store and buy products. This will be an extra push in the back for customers to come back to your store. By doing this you will create more loyalty from your customers to your store. 


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