Understand Law School Supplies Before You Regret

Understand Law School Supplies Before You Regret

April 30, 2021 0 By Anonymus

The first step to excelling at any field is to have the right supplies in your supply closet. When you talk about law school, the supplies aren’t to do with stationery as much as they are concerned with the academic materials that you will use to get good grades.

Without the right books and the right platforms, it can become quite difficult for people to get through law school. Unlike medical or engineering students, law students do not require a lot of apparatus or experimental instruments.

However, they need sources from everywhere and anywhere for the purpose of information. Law school supplies are necessary.

Statute Books

The first item that you will need are statute books. Statute books are a compilation of the statutes and acts that are relevant to the courses that you are doing. These books will help you in finding references to the points and arguments that you will be making in your essay.

Not only that, the statute books can also be used to expand your knowledge upon the statutes and acts that you will be referring to once you enter your professional stage. Statute books are very important for any law student’s education.

Study Guide

Depending on where you are getting your degree from, it is likely that you will also be provided with a guide book that you can use to solve questions. Guide books help students in structuring their questions in the right way. Most teachers also use these in order explain the course in a structured and abbreviated manner.

Study guides will also cover most of the main parts of the syllabus. It will help the students when they are trying to understand the basics of what their course pertains to. It is the most helpful last-minute savior for law students.


This should be fairly obvious but law students require textbooks. Textbooks are likely to be issued by the institute that you have applied to. It also depends upon the courses that you have applied for and the degree. The textbooks may vary depending on the university and the state.

For example, do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Minnesota? Motorcycle helmet law is different from each state in the US. Textbooks will give you an elaborate and expressive view on the topics that are included in your course. They will go a long way for people who want their essays and statements to be as informative as possible.

Online Platforms

The use of online platforms may vary from person to person. There are many online platforms available to people who want to expand their knowledge in terms of the law. For starters, we have Jstor. He will give you information in terms of various laws from different countries.

There are articles and documents regarding international law. Academic writings pertaining to state laws. You can also find case laws on this platform and research papers which will give you a general idea of the events that have taken place which help set precedent for many of the statutes that people refer to.

This specific platform is good for people who take part in mooting competitions. These competitions will mainly be on international law. The platform will help you make arguments.

Another platform that includes information in terms of international law is OPIL. This includes many of the same sources as Jstor. There are always chances of finding something new depending on how many platforms you use for your research.

Furthermore, these platforms can be good for people when it comes to gaining general knowledge about the law and expanding your horizons, which help you get good grades.

Past Papers

Another important aspect of law school supplies, are past papers. Past papers are ideal if you want to test your knowledge. You can practice using questions from former years. They will help you better your structure in terms of what you are writing in your final exams. You may even find new case laws while researching for the practice questions.

There are many online websites available for people who want to do past papers. There is a chance that the law school that you go to, supplies you with the relevant past papers.

Going along with the theme of past papers, you may also find that the guides that are available with the past papers will give you a general structure. The guides will help you decide what you should include in a certain question regarding a certain topic.

The points that you should include and the arguments that you should be making to get a good grade in your finals. Past papers are law school supplies that you should use throughout the year to perfect the way that you are writing. You can get them checked by a teacher or a teacher’s assistant as well.

Case Law Book

The case law book is another supply that will be provided to you by the institute that you are registered with depending upon the state or country that you live in. The case law book is a compilation of case laws that you may use to revitalize your answer and give it a twist. In fact, many law students spend an ample amount of time going through these books to refine their answers.

Case law books aren’t limited to the ones that are provided to you by the institute. You can even go online and look for books. This way you might find a case law or two which no one has ever used before and impress the examiner with your knowledge of the law. This happens to be a very important part of law school supplies.


These are the basics that are used by law students all around the globe. In fact, these are very necessary elements if you want to do well in law school. At the end of the day, your best friend is yourself and self-study is key. Even if you have all the supplies, but aren’t making good use of them, it’s practically pointless. USE the resources to excel.


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