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UiPath v/s Automation Anywhere.

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RPA or Robotic Process Automation is an emerging key technology enabling enterprises to automate some or all of their repeated, manual, and redundant tasks. The technology deploys software bots in executing a series of tasks to achieve the set objectives. We will be comparing certain components of RPA tools like UiPath and Automation Anywhere, which are the two leading tools used by businesses around the world. If you are interested in mastering UiPath, take a look at this amazing UiPath Course



UiPath is one of the most popular and leading RPA tools that businesses are deploying to automate repetitive and manual tasks helping businesses increase efficiency. UiPath allows companies to record and imitate user actions with the help of software bots. Now we will discuss the key features of UiPath. 


Significant features of UiPath


Record and Playback: It has several different types of recording options that include basic recording, desktop recording, web recording, and Citrix recording. 


Drag and Drop Workflow Builder: Using the automation process in UiPath, users can drag and drop processes into the UiPath Studio’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). 


Process Deployments to Clients: UiPath’s other advantage is that it can be delivered via both on-premises and cloud architecture, which makes it more convenient. 


Pre-Defined Activity Sets: UiPath users have the liberty to automate a wide range of activities from simple to more complex projects. 


Intelligent scheduling of Process Automation: The scheduling module enables the UiPath Orchestrator to run tasks based on priority and deadlines. 


UiPath’s Pricing

The UiPath team offers various price options that fit the needs of different customer types. UiPath Unattended Automation costs anywhere near $1,380/month. At the same time, if you opt for a subscription to their automation team and an Automation Developer, it costs around $1,930 and $420/month. They also feature tailor-made solutions suiting business requirements. If you are a beginner in UiPath, read this comprehensive UiPath Tutorial for Beginners to get a better understanding. 


Automation Anywhere

Similar to UiPath, Automation Anywhere is also a popular RPA tool used by enterprises to automate repetitive tasks without needing human intervention. 


Significant features of Automation Anywhere

Recorder: Automation Anywhere offers its users the capability to record, save, and run tests. Various recorders are Smart Recorder, Screen Recorder, and Web Recorder. 


Predictive Operational Analytics: It also offers its users the insights into bot’s efficiency and performance level. 


Screen Scraping: It allows users to extract both structured and unstructured data across from Internet. 


Workload Management: It prioritizes high-value tasks within the automated queue management architecture. 


Task Editor: Automation Anywhere users create tasks by simple drag and drop components. It allows users to alter, break down, and enhance recorder tasks. 


Automation Anywhere Pricing

The Automation Anywhere team doesn’t offer any pricing-related info on their website. However, you can avail of a 30-day trial and contact their sales team to get the quote catering to your specific needs. 



Both UiPath and Automation Anywhere tools are best in the RPA domain today. Both tools have strong features that make them competitive within the market. It’s advisable to try both tools before implementing further automation of workflows or business processes and then decide which works best. 


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