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UAN Number

The full form of UAN is a universal account number. The UAN number is a twelve-digit ID number. This is assigned to you as well as your employer so that everyone can simply contribute to your EPF account. UAN number gets assigned by EPFO – Employees’ provident fund organization. 

2 UAN numbers get assigned to you as well as your employer. When a number gets generated, it stays constant over the company’s existence and how long you work there. Even if you switch your job, the number stays constant. EPFO will cater for you with a new ID number whenever you switch your jobs, and this will get linked to the existing EPFO account. However, you should inform the employer. Either EPFO can do it for you directly, or your employer can even do the same. 

Here are ways to learn how to get the UAN number, verify and activate the UAN no., check the UAN number details on the UAN portal etc. 

Why do you require the UAN number? 

UAN number recognizes the EPF – the employee provident fund and assists in keeping the same safe. Various provident fund accounts that are started for you by your distinct employees come under 1 single UAN. You can just access it. In a manner, a unique identification method helps in keeping deposits in your provident fund account secure. Also, it simplifies the process of evaluating your provident fund account. 

How can you check the UAN number? 

There are 2 hassle free ways for you to check the UAN number. Firstly, by availing it through the employer. However, many employers print UAN numbers on the salary slips. The next way is by utilizing the UAN portal

Here are listed steps to get the UAN number: 

Checking with your employer: Basically, if it is your initial employer, it will mention the UAN number. However, in case it completely fails to do so, you can avail it from salary slips. As there are certain deductions in your salary in the form of provident fund contributions, the number will be displayed in your salary slip. This is a common protocol, which is followed by many Indian companies. Thus, you can easily check the UAN number on salary slips. 

Finding the UAN website: for this, 

∙       Your first requires logging into the UAN portal.

∙       Then, select know your UAN status.

∙       Enter the crucial details like the Aadhaar number, PAN number etc. Or you also can fill-up the form based on your member ID. 

∙       In case you have entered the member ID or the PF number, fill up the state & EPFO office from the dropdown and submit. Also, you can use your Aadhaar or PAN number for searching the UAN number. 

∙       Place other mandatory details like mobile number, name, birth date and captcha.

∙       Next, click on the get authorization pin option and place the pin received 

∙       Select the option to see your UAN number and avail your number through SMS on your registered phone number. 

UAN number advantages

A unique identification number is issued to you in case your wages are lowered from your EPF account. This was not the case earlier. PF accounts opened by distinct employers are allotted a unique number. UAN was introduced on 1st October 2014. The major aim of the measure is to make it convenient and easy for the employees to access PF accounts to view member passbook and other crucial details. UAN is all about simplifying your provident fund transactions. With it, you can simply manage all the provident fund accounts in a single place, regardless of the number of jobs you have switched during the whole employment journey. 

This not just endows you with simple and safe access to provident fund accounts but even prevents you from the process of saving as well as remembering different passwords and account details. 

How is the UAN changing things? 

Number crucially is generated at the start of your career, and this assists you to organize all your provident fund accounts simultaneously over the years. In case you are employed before the year 2014, you can simply port your account. 

UAN number crucial features

∙       Working towards easing employee verification procedures, UAN works at putting all employee data in a single place.

∙       To activate the UAN number, you require to provide identity as well as bank account details. Depending upon the details, verification procedures will be conducted. 

∙       UAN number denotes your new and existing employers regarding your provident fund history. 

UAN number advantages

∙       You can withdraw as well as transfer your provident fund money anytime via the UAN number. 

∙       Both you as well as your employer can manage the record of your provident fund account in a zero-hassle manner via the UAN portal

∙       Employers can validate your provident requests & submit your provident fund deductions simply via the UAN portal

∙       EPFO can track job changes of the employees.

∙       This brings all KYC & PF details in a single place.

How are employees benefited from the UAN?

UAN portal has various benefits for employees:

∙       You can simply check the provident fund balance anytime from anywhere at any time. 

∙       UAN portal is secure because it is associated with your Aadhaar and KYC. You can utilize the portal through your phone to check out your balance by sending an SMS. 

∙       UAN refers to the identification. It basically is independent of all the employers. 

∙       Employer can simply transfer the provident funds himself to another provident fund account through the UAN number. 

∙       New employees will not require validating the profile if the UAN is already KYC verified. 

∙       Just you can assess the account, which depends upon the KYC details. 

∙       You can easily track your provident fund account. You can also check if the employer is crediting the provident fund amount into your account each month. Note that it must be based on deductions. 

How can you generate the UAN number?

Your first employer would generate your UAN number. The employer for this would ask for your documents. Note that it is just a 1-time process. The number stays unchanged once it gets generated. This remains with you during your whole employment years. 

Documents needed for the UAN generation are: 

∙       Branch name, bank account number and IFSC code. You may also submit a cancelled cheque. 

∙       Identity proofs include an Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, voter ID etc.

∙       Address proofs include photo ID card, ration card etc.

∙       Aadhaar card

∙       PAN card

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