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Twitter promotion: why do you need it in 2022

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Just as since about 2012 we have been hearing that SEO will soon cease to exist, so somewhere since 2018 we are told (by the same experts) that Twitter also does not have long to live. But judging by the presence and advertising of brands, this platform is not only not going to leave the market, but also has very good prospects for development.

Today we’ll talk about why Twitter is still worth considering as a social media platform and how you can promote your account if you don’t just want to buy Twitter followers.

Advertising and promotion on Twitter

For mass campaigns that can reach huge numbers of users, other platforms are suitable. Twitter is good because here you can build campaigns for different, but very accurate audiences that favorably relate to advertising of thematic or related products and services.

Considering that about 2 billion videos are viewed on the platform every day, and advertising here costs almost 2 times cheaper than in other networks, then you should think about working with the audience on this service.

Twitter will perfectly complement the pool of social networks that the brand already uses for its promotion. This will allow you to find a new audience or expand an existing one. Especially if you buy real Twitter followers at the initial stage, then you will immediately get an audience with which you can work in the future.

Twitter is an additional promotional project

You can start promoting a new brand from this social network, but it will be more difficult and less massive due to its specifics. It is very good to use the platform as an additional and powerful one for promoting a brand, company, personality or product with a history that has its own concept, values ​​and content on other platforms.

With skillful presentation, brand values ​​will be absorbed into the format and audience of the social network and will give additional citation, indexing in search engines and conversion with leads and sales.

Twitter is the place for progressives

The usual cloning of posts from other social networks will not work here. A successful brand on this service is one who understands how to captivate an audience with their content and makes a separate content plan for this network.

Users here love openness and humanity, as well as novelty and a good sense of humor. So don’t try to sell them outdated memes. Being prompt and showing a lively, contact, recognizable face and communicating without typical scripts means getting into the heart of a typical user.

Who doesn’t need Twitter

On this platform, you should not count on a powerful promotion effect for those brands or companies that have not yet created their digital identity. Also, to local companies and brands that may not be of interest to a wide audience.

But even here it is not necessary to abandon the idea of ​​promotion: perhaps it is worth focusing not on investing money in advertising, but trying to generate interesting content that, through its relevance, will greatly promote the brand.

It is also worth considering that the Twitter feed is updated very often, so it will be difficult for a beginner. In order for content to get into the field of view of the audience, it must be posted often. According to some reports, to become noticeable, you need to tweet 10-15 times a day, and not everyone can work like that.

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