6 Reasons Why Social Commerce is trending today.

6 Reasons Why Social Commerce is trending today.

November 17, 2018 3 By Anonymus

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Few years back, the social commerce had no reality than just being although. Only some people thought it to be feasible and manageable business proposal, regardless of the size of a company. But, in last some years and even in few recent months, there came a steady forming which lets companies to target their new audience and purchase their products to them directly on the social media.

The social commerce lets targeted audience and brand users to engage as well as buy services and products in a social ecosystem. Initiating with Facebook, the idea got extended beyond this sole platform, including Instagram and later on, others. To engage users in this system enables a complete checkout and a full procedure without diverting attention on other ads, comments, or posts.

Here are few reasons of emergence of social commerce as a strong force in retail business:


  • Acquisition Instagram by Facebook


Facebook has taken the reins of commerce using acquisition with $1 billion for Instagram 6 years back. this bestowed Facebook as a small platform for just 30 million users for testing, adopting and formulating the new technology for pushing surfaces of ecommerce in social commerce.



  • Rise of the influencers, dominance of the micro-influencers


As the user case of Instagram started to grow, the influencers have taken hold as the viable choice for large brands to promote and build their products. It was the very first time to begin to see the organic posts made by the large influencers by using sponsored posts and ads. after then, there is latest bold move, Facebook and Instagram chose to refocus on the paid an organic content for influencer have less than 10 thousand followers because of their low levels of engagement. By this change, the big brands got scrambled for capturing as much micro-influencers as it got possible. The brands must be focused on looking for the authentic influencers having the unique and smart brand story along with strong reach to their targeted market directly.

social commerce


  • Cross-channel social advertising

social advertising can be a main factor for sales and has an ability of boosting the individual posts of Instagram, build complete campaign launches on Ad Manager of Facebook, or helps to Buy Instagram followers cheap, while opening a completely new world for the marketers. You enter into social commerce: social ads spent with an integrated produced-based content which spanned not only paid content, however organic content too.



It is yet another very bold move. Instagram featured out a one-click shopping option. Firstly, limited to the brands having a large follower base or a big amount of paid advertising, it after then, slowly got rolled out for all the main business accounts on Instagram.

Currently, along with a particular product feed cooperation on the Facebook, many platforms are producing content for shoppable Instagram. In fact, this content can be produced by some other methods, including using a link in the bio of Instagram account.


  • Social UGC and website integration

while the companies started to know about the strength which social media owns, there happened a prompt reaction to construct integrated platforms content which exist on both mobile space and on the web. Causal users, loyal fans and influencers get their own user generated content (UGC) for cross promotion on various platforms including their very own social media pages and their web homepage as well as product pages. Making this kind of content and featuring on the websites is certainly not a simple an easy job, however it can provide a deep level of the link with the user base of a brand.


  • Payments, booking scheduling, and much more


Very recently, the platform of Instagram has featured out the payment method in beta and booking scheduling method in form of portal in beta so that users can completely pay out for the products from beginning to end without leaving this app platform. Using this kind of commitment level by the social media platforms such as Instagram, without any doubt, there is going to be a social commerce here which will benefit both brands and buyers. Keeping your eyes out to get updates like these is needed for ensuring the brand strategy always evolving and updated.

The social commerce is itself a constantly changing technology which will surely reward the users who anticipate the future advancements in technology and will engage in future with the brand loyalists. The years coming ahead in future, will bring more focus on the UGC, social ecosystems and augmented reality, mixed with traditional and digital experiences. Being up to date for the present changes of technology is crucial, but being anticipated for future is much more necessary for brands.

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