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Top tips to buy earrings

Choosing earrings is not an easy task because there are so many types of earrings. You can wear dangling earrings; there are also chandelier earrings, rhinestone earrings, cubic zirconia stones, diamond stud earrings, and jingle bells.

It is crucial that you make the purchase from a reliable place. For example, you should consider purchasing earrings from Zamel’s. However, in choosing the best earrings, you have to consider some important points:

Things to remember when buying earrings

        Choose a pair of earrings that match your outfit or facial features. For example, for a casual outfit, you might want to wear dangle earrings made out of wood or plastic in bright colors. For an evening dress, on the other hand, choose drop earrings that have sparkle and are made out of gold or silver. If you have long hair, go for dangle earrings; if you have short hair, go for studs.


        There are different types of face shapes such as oval, round, square and heart shaped. If you have a round face then try to go for straight lines and vertical lines as they will elongate your face. Avoid going for heavy and dangly earrings as they won’t suit your face shape at all. On the other hand, if you have an oval shaped face you can go for almost anything as it will suit on your face easily.


If you have a square shaped face then you can go for large round shaped stones


        Clip-on earrings are great for people who have sensitive ears or who want an easy way to change their look from day to day. All you need to do is clip them on and off and your new earrings are ready to wear. Clip-ons come in a wide range of styles and colors, making them one of the most popular options for many women.


Huggies are another type of earring that often goes unnoticed. These earrings connect at the back of your earlobe and snap shut in the front, providing extra protection against losing your favorite earrings. Huggies are also great for people with sensitive ears because they won’t cause irritation like other types of earrings can.


A third option is hoop earrings. Hoop earrings come in many different styles including colored hoops, metallic hoops and diamond studded hoops. They’re easy to wear and are one of the most classic styles around today. If you’re looking for something fun, choose a pair of colored hoops


        Choose a pair of earrings according to your age. If you are young and trying to look mature or sophisticated, choose smaller drop earrings or studs so as not to look too childish. However, if you want to look young and carefree, choose large dangle earrings in bright colors as well as dangling metallic beads that will make you feel free and young.

Choose simple designs when you like to match your clothes with your jewelry pieces. Make sure that you keep all these essentials in mind when buying earrings.

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