Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
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If you are a company or organisation that works in highly regulated industries then your organisation surely needs the protection of penetration testing. The most common misconception business owners have is “we have never been hacked so we do not see a reason why we would need to take such measures.”And that’s where you are wrong. A popular cyber security analyst said, “there are two types of organisations. One’s whose systems have been breached and ones whose systems have been breached but the organisation are aware of it.”

If your servers have not been hacked into yet, there is a high chance that you are just days away from getting there. Once you have reached that point, it will be especially difficult for you to recover from the threat without having to pay a large sum of money to the hackers to recover or unlock your data.

Your organisation needs a strong protection system to save you from these external threats. One of the best ways to do so is penetration testing.

An Easy To Understand Introduction To Penetration Testing.

What is penetration testing? The ethical and authorised hacking or cyber attack performed on your business is called penetration testing or pen testing. The goal is to seek to breach the company servers and hack into them to find vulnerabilities by an authorised channel before a cybercriminal does. Your organisation’s systems will be hacked into to assess the network’s strengths and vulnerabilities. If you want services that provide penetration testing in Sydney, CyberUnlocked will never disappoint and it is our guarantee!

Five Stages Of Penetration Testing.

There are five main stages of successful pen testing. These include:

  •         Planning and reconnaissance.
  •         Scanning.
  •         Gaining access.
  •         Maintaining access.
  •         Analysis and WAF configuration.

The analyzed information is then used to configure the enterprise’s WAF settings and required security solutions to patch up the vulnerabilities and weak points.

What Makes It So Important?

Why is pen testing important for my enterprise? Here are five reasons that will get you thinking in favour of pen testing. 

Discover Vulnerabilities.

The main objective of pen testing is to discover vulnerabilities before harmful parties such as cybercriminals do. Your company data is important and a data breach can prove to be much more expensive than the precautions that could prevent them.

Assess And Prevent Risk.

Pen testing helps you assess the risk your company was at. Once you have found the threat, it is much easier for you to prevent it from becoming an actual harmful event.

Reduce Network Downtime.

In case of a data breach or a server hack, it might take days to recover all your data safely. As time is money and a company’s wasted time can result in a loss of millions of dollars, it is better to take precautions than waste your valuable time.

Secure Your Database.

Once you have assessed the risk your company is vulnerable to, you can now easily take necessary measures to strengthen these weak points. This will make secure your data from all future threats.

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