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Top Maintenance & Coming Soon plugins for WordPress

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Currently, are you working on your WordPress-powered website?

Your website will need updating or redesigning. Nowadays, it would be best if you did that more often. Changing the website’s appearance, design, adding, amending, or removing components can take days or weeks. You may want to prevent a 404 error page while working on your website. This could hurt your SEO and make a terrible impression. 2022’s top WordPress maintenance plugins are these.

1. WP Maintenance Mode

Using WP Maintenance Mode, you may show visitors a maintenance page. In 2022, install this WordPress plugin. Adjusting the location, installing new plugins, or buying a unique design can break links and slow your website. WP Maintenance Mode keeps your site looking good as people browse. This plugin creates a maintenance page to alert users that you’re optimizing your website. This plugin can only hold a few pages. Even if a couple of your website’s pages are displayed, you’ll get organic traffic.

2. UnderConstruction Page

UnderConstruction Page is a great maintenance plugin for 2022. This utility creates fast, professional under-construction pages. Instead of a 404 error page, visitors will see a maintenance page with an ETA. Everything is done on the dashboard. UnderConstruction Page lets you design a landing page while your business is under construction. If you lack design skills, there are pre-made templates. No matter what type of website you’re running, you can discover the ideal template for it.

3. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Not all website pages should be hidden. Using Coming Soon WP, you can enable and disable the mode on any page. The plugin’s UI provides traffic analytics. You have incorporated social media. Your customer base and business will grow. You can test many website themes before using them. This plugin allows you to tailor the layout to your WordPress site’s specifications. Logo, header, backdrop, content, and more can be designed with them. This plugin’s countdown feature is clever. Dates, times, and the size and color of the numerals can be adjusted. This tool makes promoting a new product, website revamp, or event easy.

Some other must-have plugins for WP


This is a freemium plugin, which means you may either pay for the PRO version or use the free version, which lacks a number of valuable features. This is an excellent option for people who don’t want to buy a plugin right once but still need it. With WP Force SSL, users can easily switch from unsecured HTTP traffic to secure encrypted HTTPS data (more on that later).

However, it’s not simply this plugin that accomplishes the trick. Fixing mistakes on your site can be as simple as copying and pasting a single code snippet; this is true today, tomorrow, and always. This plugin can do everything you need to know about installing, activating, and monitoring your SSL certificate.

Toss out any concerns regarding the quality or longevity of an SSL that you may have already implemented. This plugin may quickly scan, repair, and manage any SSL certificate. WP Force SSL treated all certificates the same way.


WP Sticky, a premium WordPress plugin, has attracted a large following since its initial release. For the most part, the plugin’s creator claims that it is lightning-fast, compatible with other plugins, and easy to use for users of all skill levels. Because it does not require any code to be entered, the visual picker is one of its most valuable features. This is an excellent feature for people unfamiliar with web development.


Install a maintenance plugin if you plan to spend a lot of time on your website. This is the most incredible way to hide parts of your website while attracting visitors. Here are the best maintenance plugins.

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