Top 10 Instagram Marketing Trends in 2020

September 7, 2020 0 By Priyanshu Pandey

Marketing these days is synonymous with digital marketing. Digital not only in the sense of making websites and registering yourself on the internet but by marking your presence with the help of social media platforms as a tool. With over 1 billion users every month, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and a great market to get your product sold. If you are reading this article then you will be already knowing about the importance of social media marketing right now. And hence without any beating around the bushes, we will start the list of new trends that will help you in order to stay ahead of the curve as a marketer.

Instagram Stories are the way out:

Started in 2016, this feature of Instagram has been in demand till now and will continue to prevail further. With more than 500 million users everyday Instagram stories provide you with a great set of target audiences.

Instagram stories can be used for many purposes regarding advertisements:

For promotions

Instagram stories are the best way to promote your products. Using the right hashtags in your stories will get you the desired audiences and will give you a good reach.

Note – It is advisable to use a maximum of 2 or 3 popular hashtags on your stories to give your product ample space. Hence thorough research is needed to be done while using hashtags in your stories to get targetted audiences.

For Launching New Products

One of the best ways to keep your customers updated with what’s new in your inventory is by putting the upcoming products into your Instagram stories. It will help your customers to stick around you.

For a little chit chat with your customers

You can welcome some questions related to your products or held a contest. It will help you in order to connect with your customers and help in building relations.

It is preferable to put a link of your products in your Instagram stories.

IGTV for creating a little longer videos

The IGTV feature of Instagram can be considered as the game-changer for marketers. This feature has changed the photo-sharing application into a video sharing one. This stage enables you to create your brand name by depicting creative video advertisements. Audiovisual advertisements are more engaging than a still image as the audiences are able to relate themselves easily. Also, it is a very good platform to describe your products and services. It increases the organic reach.

Here are some tips which will help you in creating engaging IGTV videos:

  • Keep it short: 

No audience is looking for a long documentary type videos on Instagram. One needs to understand that Instagram is an application where audiences come for recreation and creating long videos will not entertain those recreations and will be worthless. Hence keeping the videos short will help you in getting more audiences as people will not mind investing a minute or two in your videos. 

  • Create a dynamic video:

Considering the short attention span of people nowadays you will always face challenges in making new interesting videos. Making videos with the same background and visuals is a big ‘NO’. In order to keep your audiences attached to your videos, you will need to change your video backgrounds time to time to create visual interest for the audience. Shooting your videos in outdoor locations will give a realistic approach to your videos and a visual treat to your audience. 

  • To the point videos: 

The primary and most important factor of any video is its relevancy to the topic. Visuals and other things are secondary. To engage the audience properly you need to show what the viewers want to see. Hence the video should be on point and precise. 

  • Adding subtitles:

Most often the videos are seen on mute. Adding subtitles will make the video more explanatory and engaging. 

  • Making explanatory videos 

To explain any concept or product make an explanatory video using animations. Unlike subtitles, text animations can be placed anywhere you want. 

Instagram Reels:

Reels is the feature of Instagram that enables you to put up short videos of 15 seconds or less. A great platform to increase organic reach and increase your brand value. Short entertaining videos related to your products or services can be put up here. Even if you don’t have any video then you can use any image related to your product and add some groovy music to it and post it over Instagram.

Go live:

Going live periodically will enhance your connection and relationship with your audiences.

Going live is like a free advertisement because it sends a push notification to all your followers and puts it on top of all the stories and hence it has more probability of getting clicked by the viewers. 

There are a variety of activities which can be done on live. You can have a QnA session with your audience, you also can play games with your audience. A lot more can be done on live but that depends on your creativity. 

Also, don’t forget to share the live videos on your IGTV or News Feed.

Using the right hashtags:

Myth buster alert! 

The best hashtags are the worst hashtags- If you use such hashtags which are too popular and every minute a new video is uploaded with the same hashtag then your video will not remain on the top of the list for a long duration which will hamper your reach. 

Some valuable tips regarding using hashtags:

  • Use hashtags which have less than 5 lakh users/post. 
  • Do not overpower your post with hashtags. Use a maximum of 5-6 relevant hashtags. 
  • Also, use hashtags in your stories to get great reach. 

Hashtags play a great role in getting organic reach, hence thorough research is necessary while choosing the right hashtags.


Adding location aka geotagging to your post and stories will take your post to nearby people residing in that specified location. It also helps in increasing organic reaching. 

Replying to comments:

  • Replying to all the comments on your post will create a personal touch and it will show that you care about your followers and their feedbacks.
  • Also, post some contents according to the comments by followers.
  • Replying to comments keeps the followers engaged and hence the engagement of your post increases. 

Using Analytics and Insights:

When you change your Instagram profile from personal to business, Instagram provides you with a lot of tools to analyze your growth. 

The insights tool shows how each of your posts is performing. 

These tools help you to scrutinize what is working for you and what’s not. Based on the analytics you can strategise your posts. 

Switching to a private account:

This trick is an exception, for some it may work for some it may not. It solely depends on you to follow it. If you see that your posts are getting shared among DMs mostly then you can follow this trick to get more followers. If you switch your account to private then the people who are getting your posts as Direct Messages will have to follow you to reach your post. Mostly this trick works for meme pages. 

Instagram Algorithm:

The actual algorithm is not known by any of the users. But there are tricks which can be used to get higher visibility and reach. 

  • Maintain the recency of the posts, i.e. post time to time. and also observe at what time most of your targetted audience comes online and select that time to post your stuff. 
  • Recency, interest and engagement ensure higher visibility of the posts. 

Some notable points of what should not be done:

  • Do not redirect your followers to any website or any other platform as they do not want to get redirected to other platforms. That’s why links have the least organic reaches. Instead, put your links in the caption or the bio, if interested the follower will purposely go to your redirected page. 




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