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Fantasy cricket has gripped cricket fans in connecting themselves better with the sports and their favourite cricketing personalities. This in turn has given rise to a community of gamers who are passionate about cricket and at the same time have a point to prove their knowledge with their own fantasy teams. Debates, opinions, and perspectives all are bundled together in a show of defiance and support sometimes favouring their own team and at times against the opposition. 

The primary objective of a fantasy cricket user is to top the leaderboards, earn the bragging rights, and at the same time, bag some hefty cash prizes. T20 cricket leagues have been a perfect catalyst for these gamers to make their efforts worthwhile. This space and community is growing and will be continuing to do so as India does have a large fan following for the game. 

However, it is not easy by any means to compete at the highest level in fantasy cricket online leagues as cricket enthusiasts leave no stone unturned in their bid to top the leaderboard charts. So how does a relatively new player or a beginner go about competing against these mighty players? Well, there are a few core strategies that work wonders in fantasy cricket and each player adapts and adds to these known formulas. Have a look for yourself.

Cutting-edge strategies to win fantasy cricket leagues:

  • Identify Your Power Picks

The first and foremost step in succeeding in fantasy cricket leagues is to get hold of the players who you think are better suited for your ideas and planning. Make sure you know which players you are looking for, collect data, statistics, and records, this will help you narrow down your targets thus enabling you to pick better players. Knowing the pitch conditions and previous win records on that particular venue is vital as you would know whether to add more batting strength or go with all-rounders.

  • Get Your Team Balance Right 

One of the biggest misses that fantasy players make is that they go with an outright star-studded team that is flooded with marquee players. Little do they know that while building a fantasy team star players do not always come in handy, in fact, a balanced team is what takes you over the finish line. It is fine if you do have young star players who have been on a good run of form, go for utility players those who are not under the scanners but continue to develop game by game. Check the recent records, form, and impact of the players on their team before you think of adding them to your fantasy team. 

  • Choose Your Captains Wisely 

Time and again, this has been the most advised start or pathway to achieve success in fantasy cricket leagues. Captains, as we know, hold a key component i.e. bonus points, 2x for the captain while 1.5x for the vice-captain. So needless to say if you were going to score some good points then captain picks would lead the way. The best advice in getting the right captain picks is to go with an unorthodox approach, go with young players as the vice-captain and pick a senior player who has been in a good run of from as the captain. Or better you can choose an all-rounder player as your pick as they are likely to score and take wickets adding more to the total points tally. 

  • Pick Players Based on the Format of Cricket 

In the T20 format of the game, the top-order batters and the all-rounder are key figure for their respective sides and often come up with the goods. So in a T20 game, you will be better off having these player picks, when it comes to ODI cricket and longer format, selecting middle-order batters is a safe bet. So keep in mind that one winning formula does not apply to all cricket games as the dynamics of different formats bring different challenges which in return pushes you to pick the best possible winning formula for your team. 

  • Know the Difference Between Fantasy Cricket and Real Games

The biggest mistake a rookie fantasy player or even at times seasoned player do is that they are not able to differentiate between fantasy games and real games. Fantasy gaming has only one parameter that defines success is points. Players often side with their favourite cricketing stars, making sure they have a place reserved for them in their team despite them not doing well. If you cannot overlook passion for your star players while building a fantasy team, then my friend fantasy cricket is not for you. 

The users involved in fantasy games need to overlook favouritism and fandom and put the collective good of their team as their priority, this is when they will head towards success. 


Fantasy cricket like any other game takes time in getting used to. Yeah, one can find their own path and strategies to do well in ranking higher on leaderboards but these above-mentioned ones are the core aspects and will always have an impact on your team. Whether the impact is a positive one or a negative entirely depends on the player’s skills and mindset.

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