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Top Countries in Europe for Dating/Finding a Wife

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If you are still single and cannot meet your soulmate in your country, then you can take a chance and try to find yourself a bride in Europe!

There are hundreds of sites where you can meet women from different countries that are seeking to marry a reliable Western man. Many people find some countries extremely attractive for finding brides. This is already a good starting point: you should start from finding a reliable Western or Eastern European dating website.

Now we will tell you what countries you should pay attention to if you want to find a good wife!


This country is famous for its beautiful women! Several important virtues, such as kindness, responsiveness, patience, education and modernity, the importance of family, puts Ukrainian girls in one of the first places in the potential brides rankings.

Ukrainian ladies, as a rule, can easily maintain an interesting conversation, know some foreign languages, ​​and can easily find a job abroad. Moreover, they are not afraid to leave their homeland to start a brand-new life. And most importantly: these women are sensual, temperamental and not at all shy!


Russian women don’t look much different compared to ladies from most European countries — they will look harmoniously on the streets of any European city. If you search for Slavic women dating, you will be greatly surprised by the huge amount of websites that offer such services!

In Russia, the level of education of girls is one of the highest, which means that Russian women know foreign languages, understand other cultures and are more likely to find work abroad. Also, they are great at cooking and most often, good in bed.


Bulgarians are simple women who just love housework and perfectly know how to adore their men! At the same time, you can often see them hanging out with friends in the clubs and bars. Just buy the lady you like a drink and tell her more about yourself — say to her that you came from afar to find a serious relationship.

Be prepared for the fact that a wedding in Bulgaria is a big event that lasts several days and attracts lots of relatives, up to second cousins’ great-nephews.


Romanians are one of the most gorgeous women in Europe. At the same time, many of them have a good education, but this does not help them to make much money in their home country.

So, marriage is a good way out! Look for a girl who has already studied or worked in another country – this way you will know that she is ready to move abroad and won’t miss her homeland a couple of months after the arrival.


This is a majestic Baltic country located in Eastern Europe — many call it “a country of blue-eyed blondes”… Despite that the ladies are quite attractive, there are a lot of single girls here, as their number greatly exceeds the number of men!


Georgian girls can seem very shy at first. However, you should spend some more time with the lady to get to know her better, and you will be amazed by her openness! Besides, Georgian ladies are extremely attractive.


This is another Eastern European country where you can find lots of sexy but, sometimes, lonely girls. Since the number of men here is much inferior to the number of women, you can easily find a girl here!


Lithuania is a small place with an amazing history, interesting customs and traditions. The girls who live here are exceptionally beautiful. The genes inherited from the Slavic and Northern European peoples make these girls stunningly attractive!

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