Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

As digital currencies such as Bitcoin see increased adoption and staggering price increases since the whitepaper publication by Satoshi Nakamoto, more individuals appear interested in joining the craze. You need to spend time monitoring the markets and pay attention to any opportunities that may crop up. You should also consider learning about certain trading strategies and applying them to your trades, or educate yourself on risk management techniques. Though you can buy the crypto from cryptocurrency exchanges using digital cash or fiat, you might acquire BTC via mining, and the smoothest way to that (large scale) is using mining rigs. These are powerful and highly specialized hardware equipment used exclusively for crypto mining activities. 

The market has multiple mining hardware options for you to find your best. Though there could be various reasons behind your selection, facets worth considerations include hash rate (how many coins can it earn you?), cost (money needed to purchase the rig), and energy usage (the rig’s environmental impact). 

  • Antminer S19 Pro 

Boasting a hash power of 110 Th/s, the Antminer S19 Pro by Bitmain is a machine that guarantees flexibility and top-notch performance in industry-level activities. Though costing a staggering $10,290, it may be the best definition of “getting what you paid for.” 

Antminer is among the top performers as far as efficiency and hash rate are concerned. Nevertheless, you may have to prepare for massive energy consumption when utilizing this machine. The mining rig uses 3,250 W. Meanwhile, S19 Pro incorporates four fans to cool running temperatures. You can visit platforms like amazon to purchase the machine. 

  • DragonMint T1

With its somewhat lower put decently lucrative hash rate (16 Th/s), the DragonMint T1 by Halong Mining could be the solution for individuals in need of a small and solid mining machine without hurting their budget. 

Meanwhile, this ergonomic device has a $1,371 as its price tag. It comes with three chipboards and utilizes 1,480 W of energy. Moreover, it is among the dependable mining rigs, with the functionality to limit energy supply at 12 V. 

  • AntMiner L3+

AntMiner L3+ is among the fastest commercial BTC mining rig you will find in the marketplace boasting attractive features, including a 504 Th/s hash rate. The equipment consumes nearly 800W of energy. 

Moreover, you will not need another host computer to operate AntMiner L3+ as it features an in-built control panel and PCI Express connector. It is among the most affordable mining machine as you only need $482 to buy the rig. Nevertheless, you will need to purchase its power supply as AntMiner L3+ does not come with the part. 

  • AntMiner D3

Costing $249.95 only, the somewhat older popular mining rig AntMiner D3 is the best choice as far as budget is concerned. Its hash rate sits at 19.3 Gh/s, consuming 1,200w of power. If you are interested in a machine that will not break your bank, you can consider AntMiner D3. 

Nevertheless, the machine has a small but possibly deal-breaking no-win situation. You will only mine DASH with this machine, which you can convert into BTC for increased profits. Though somewhat a setback, the cost makes it worth your attention, especially when starting the crypto mining business. 

  • AvalonMiner 1246

The AvalonMiner 1246 is a Canaan power player that promises cryptocurrency miners efficiency. It boasts 90 Th/s plus two seven-blade cooling fans and cleans the dashboard from any dust, prolonging the rig’s lifespan. 

The manufacturer tried to make 1246 modernized. For instance, it notifies users whenever it has a malfunction impacting its hash rate. Meanwhile, the mining machine costs $4,599 and uses 3,420W. 


If you find depending on your local power grid to complete mining activities uncomfortable, you can join skillful individuals that assemble their mining rigs, though weaker, that utilize solar energy. However, outcomes might vary. 

Also, you can use minedollars, which lets you complete crypto mining operations without hardware. You only deposit cryptocurrency to buy a mining contract from the company and earn passive income. The contract you select determines the amount of investment, crypto you would mine, and the duration of the account. Newbies can start with a minimum of $10 and earn $0.6 per day.

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