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Top 7 Items To Attract Good Fortune At Home

by John
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Have you heard of Vastu Shastra? If you believe in astrology, then you must know it. It is the science of arranging the five essential elements of nature, air, water, earth, sky, and fire, to bring good fortune to the house. Many people disagree that it brings good fortune in the house, but there is a reason why it is said in ancient history. However, many people have believed in the idea of having lucky charms that help them succeed in multiple situations. Apart from that, if you want to decor your home with the help of an expert, you can contact the best astrologer in Noida for in-depth details.

In this article, we will learn about the best tips to attract good fortune and charm to your house. Let’s get started!

  1. Tortoise

It is said that tortoises are lucky for their homes. They have strong shells that protect them. Besides, they are known for having a longer life and a huge family. As per the astrologers Noida, Fridays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are considered the best time to bring tortoises into the houses. Apart from that, you can also contact a Hindu priest to choose the most auspicious time as per the Hindu Calendar. Tortoise is said to attract positive energy, and if you keep it in your room, it can help you fight insomnia.

  1. Peacock Feather

Peacocks are famous for their beauty, dance, and mesmerizing feathers. Many people keep peacock feathers inside their books to believe that it will bring brilliance in studies.  However, it is also associated with many Hindu aspects, especially Lord Krishna. You must have seen his crown has a peacock feather. It represents peace, strength, calmness, prosperity, and happiness. Other than that, it maintains house hygiene and keeps insects away from home. Some say keeping a peacock feather at the door will bring positive energy to the house.

  1. Buddha

According to the Vastu, placing Budhha at home facing west brings harmony at home. You can place it on the clean table or shelf. Buddha is a perfect representation of peace and calmness. Astrologers believe that it brings a positive vibe into the house. Apart from that, placing Buddha statues at different places of the house helps in improving mental health. You can reach out to an astrologer in Noida to find the perfect places where you can put the Buddha statue.

  1. Fish Aquarium

Keeping a fish aquarium at home makes your house look beautiful and benefits the overall health of the people. As per the Vastu Shastra, keeping a fish tank at the house brings luck and prosperity to the home. If you are planning to purchase one, buy the colorful fish tank. It will help keep the environment, as water represents the moon and is good for overall life. It also prevents depts, reduces overall stress, and brings soothing effects.

  1. Flowing Water Fountain

According to Vastu Shastra, placing flowing water at home brings the flow of money, love, prosperity, and happiness. When you keep it in your home, it enhances its beauty and creates a soothing ambiance. You can put a water fountain in many different directions. You can reach out to astrologers or Hindu priests to locate the right direction.

  1. Gomti Chakra

Gomti Chakra is one of the essential items for the home, which is believed to be the hearth of the Goddess Laksmi. It looks like Sudarshan Chakra, which is related to Lord Vishnu. You can place it in your home to attract good fortune and prosperity. You can also keep in office spaces, shops, commercial areas, and more.

  1. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes are one of the best decorative items for the home. It is said to bring peace, happiness, and positivity to the house. The experts suggest placing metal chimes in the north, west, and the northwest areas. Besides, you can put the wooden one in the east, south, and southeast areas.


Now, you know the tips of bringing good fortune and prosperity; you can apply all these to stay happy and healthy in life. Astrology is one of the essential aspects of life that helps in keeping a person sane. If you get to know the major points of your life, you can start working on them to reduce their impact.

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