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While the picture of business aviation is often the charter jets in Dubai going to Maldives or Coachella with Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian on board, the reality is that private aviation is the backbone of a country’s economy while outpacing the annual progression of all the regular airlines.

Charter jets have fostered a different fan base all these years, being an epitome of extravagance and solace. With luxury comes the costly expense of affordability, which may be a concern. However, if you can manage its cost, why’s this pressure? While celebrities profoundly like it, business persons are not behind.

Do you want to know what sets a charter plane apart from the regular one and what surprises it brings to your table? Keep scrolling! 

  • Private Jets are faster:

Undoubtedly, we love to make assumptions regarding anything in particular. And while there’s nothing to prove us wrong, we aim to get ahead with it. So, a tiny misconception about flying on a private jet is that it’s more time-consuming and often delays arrivals. Yet, they’re a must-faster and more efficient medium than the regular ones. When you opt to travel privately, you’ll be able to avoid extended baggage and security queues at the airport, which ultimately is a prompt factor.

  • Documentation for pets:

Are you travelling abroad for weeks, and there’s no one to look after your four-legged friend behind? Relax a bunch, as flying with a charter agency allows getting your pets onboard. However, there’s this condition of preparing proper documentation beforehand. Submitting a verified copy that the pet is under your possession is all you need to show them before proceeding.

  1. Not every charter jet has passengers:

It might be surprising, but not every charter flight you observe has passengers on board. Often, it’s just the caption and co-pilot. Considered an “empty leg,” private jets make most of their return trips vacant. Woefully, most private flights are idly roaming around while wasting fuel and payroll hours.

  • Charter flights are for the wealthier too, not only celebrities:

After getting impressed by the avatar of CEOs and high profiles in Hollywood movies, we often assume that charter flights are a celebrity affair. Yet, that might not be entirely accurate. The financial stats wouldn’t be so enticing if celebrities only booked private jets. While we couldn’t deny that it’s an expensive deal for an individual, a group of buddies can easily afford the expense, and many agencies look forward to getting more exposure.

  • Charter Jets are life-saving:

Maybe it’s not shocking, but did you know that private jets are the first aid responders to disaster scenes? Aircraft agencies tend to donate emergency aid with air transportation for the sake of humanity. It includes fire outbreaks or any natural disaster, including floods or tsunamis. 

Not only do they deliver rescue missions, but there are various humanitarian programs that private jet renters operate in. For instance, the Corporate Angel Network has also been working with 500 firms that incorporate charter jets. And more than 60k patients have flown over 40 years.

  • Red Wine is prohibited:

Much condolences if you’re a red wine lover and opting for a charter flight shortly. With plush and well-maintained interiors, the standard rises instantly. And the conventional thoughts immediately move to the plausibility of a red wine spilling during a bumpy flight might cause hard-to-get-rid-of strains. Ultimately, it’ll spoil your appearance and make your clumsiness apparent in front of foreign delegates or guests.

  • The Competitive Edge:

Do you know that a whopping 98% of the USA Fortune airline companies have incorporated private jets into their bases? By competitive edge, we’re implying that private jet agencies are more likely to get prioritised than the regular ones. It’s because the market for flying privately isn’t saturated. There are still some passengers that opt for regular flights.

Ending Thoughts:

Since travelling with private jets has gained quite a reputation in a few years, our guide to the most exciting facts about charter flights ended. So, now you can resume your hunt for a private jet for sale, assuming you wish to own it. 

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