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Spending your senior years in a place with a promising lifestyle, safe neighborhoods, and excellent health care seems like something everyone dreams about. Well, we think we have one great suggestion for you. Move to Canada.

This country is simply a synonym for nature. It’s picturesque, green, and with a low population density. What’s more, it offers so many diverse living options for everyone, from lively cities to quiet neighborhoods. To get a full picture, take a look at these top 5 senior-friendly towns in Canada, and you’ll soon realize why so many people often decide to find their peace in this country.

  • Canmore- Alberta

There were times you had to travel abroad in search of several days of peace and quiet somewhere close to nature. Well, now, when you finally have all time just for yourself, you can have something like that during the whole year.

Situated amid the Rocky Mountains valleys and peaks, Canmore is an oasis of nature. It is a place perfectly made for all kinds of recreational activities. So, if you are still in a good shape, and you like being active, moving to this town will be a jackpot. During the winter season, you’ll have a chance to try various winter sports, from skiing and snowshoeing to dog sledding. And in summer there are hiking and biking trails in both mountains and valleys and of course the inevitable golf courses. And, all along, you are surrounded by the fantastic scenery.

2. Ajax- among the top 5 senior-friendly towns in Canada

This great relaxed living style town lies nearby Lake Ontario. Its position is already a promising aspect that guarantees a perfect getaway for all the people coming from the metropolis areas. Seniors, who are searching for a place to spend their retirement days, are no exception either. The first thing everybody remembers about Ajax is its proximity to the beach. Its waterfront area soon becomes the favorite sight for every family member. Apart from that, senior newcomers to Ajax can enjoy the picnic weekends and everyday walk at Heber Down Conservation Area, The Greenwood Conservation Area, or along the Ontario Lake.

Imagine yourself lying on the beach enjoying the evening sun.

Since Ajax is only about 15 minutes away from the city of Toronto, whenever you feel like you are missing some hustle and bustle of the big city, you just get in your car and you’ll be there in no time. So, you shouldn’t think anymore. Call on the best local movers in Ajax and settle in with no issues, because you deserve it.

3. Niagara-on-the- Lake, Ontario

If you have hired a real estate agent to find you a new home in Canada, you won’t make a mistake if you ask him to search in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This beautiful little town is a place located just next to the famous Niagara Falls. That one town that preserved the unique old-times spirit through all the years of modern invasion. Its charming streets with Victorian buildings, shops, and restaurants will far exceed your expectations.

The best thing is that this town is typically Canadian. It means there is plenty of nature all around you, the minute you step out of the town center area. You will fall in love with the romantic row of grapes on the periphery, and you’ll be proud to live in a town that is a widely known producer of ice wines, a specific kind of wine made of frozen grapes.

You may soon become the best wine expert among your friends.

4. Mahone Bay- Nova Scotia

For all those who are willing to know why this little town is listed among the top 5 senior-friendly towns in Canada, this is the answer. People who are in retirement are generally in search of a slower life pace, and that is exactly what this town has to offer.

Once you step onto the grounds of Mahone Bay town, you’ll feel the peace and quiet of the small-town atmosphere. A maritime place with plenty of Victorian buildings with a view of a harbor promise mornings with the pleasant sound of sailing ships and sailboats, and busy fishermen in a venture to cath the best lobster and the biggest fish and beat their record. A real province town of a kind.

Thus, if this lifestyle is something you have planned for your retirement days, then go and visit and find the best options to move and settle in Mahone Bay this very season.

5. Victoriaville, Quebec

And now finally for all those whose main concern is how to find something good yet affordable. If you thought it was not possible, you were definitely wrong. There comes Victoriaville in Quebec. This town is listed among the top most affordable places for life in Canada. The best choice for a retirement life on a budget.

Lying on the Nicolet River this is yet another Canadian place whose natural beauty you will hardly resist. What’s more, nature lovers will definitely fall in love at the first glance with Victoriaville and its scenery. You will have a chance to spend your days hiking and playing golf. Plus, you will probably soon become experts in river canoeing, too.

However, the town of Victoriaville is not popular for its affordability and natural treasures only. It is also said to be one of Canada’s most relaxing places. And, what can be better than spending your best senior days in such a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere. That’s why you should not miss this chance. Instead, simply get your movers on time, and make Victoriaville your new favorite home.

Try some things you thought you will never try.

So, that would be our short list of the top 5 senior-friendly towns in Canada that you may take under consideration if you are looking for a place to retire. Each one of them is nice for its own reasons. However, all of them have some things in common. They are perfect places to have a nice and peaceful life, and they help you be closer to nature.

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