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Top 5 Qualities to Look for In A Developer

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Hiring developers isn’t as easy as it seems, especially today when there is a huge level of competition on the market. Nevertheless, times come when you find yourself in a situation to ask where to hire Java developer or try to find the best Laravel developer, and so on. 

But don’t worry since there is always a solution, even when it comes to hiring software developers. 

If you want a top-rated developer working on a website and providing you with continuous results, the best choice to hire one is a global talent network that can help you scale fast. 

But before you start the process, first, let’s also see what top five qualities you should look for in your potential employee. Let’s begin. 

Constant Learner

If there is one thing for sure in the enormous IT industry, it’s that it is constantly evolving and changing. And that’s why developers also have to evolve and change continuously. Your future developer has to be curious about learning new programming languages and, in many cases, on their own. 

For instance, the cost to hire Java developers has to be equivalent to what you get, so make sure that you invest in a developer who is ready and willing to progress all the time. Otherwise, you will have to hire a new one pretty soon. It’s extremely simple but important; developers have to stay current with new technologies. 

All top-rated developers can learn new things efficiently, and you don’t have to force them to do so; instead, they are curious by nature and use that drive to improve. Furthermore, they are not afraid to ask questions even if it means they don’t know something since they are aware that the ultimate goal is to learn. And most importantly, they are motivated to apply what they learned to their working process. 

Fully Concentrated


The ability to be fully concentrated is highly beneficial when it comes to programming. Therefore, make sure that your future developer knows how to concentrate, focus, and get into a highly productive mindset. Most software developers don’t like the distraction in the workspace, which is expected since they need to be entirely in the development mode. Nevertheless, the top developers usually don’t complain, they adapt, and they have the ability to immerse themselves in the challenge.

Of course, not all top developers are born with this quality, but some learn it along the way. And you can help them by learning to align developers with the business and making them feel like a part of something significant. Also, let them know that enjoying the process is vital since most of them usually focus on nailing down coding pieces, figuring out ideas, and making everything stick together. 

Still, as long as they have the quality to be fully concentrated, everything else is a piece of cake. 

Huge Love to Code

The number one rule for success at any job position or profession isn’t about whether you are talented or have much experience, but about how much you love the job. And that’s what your potential developer has to have. One of the main reasons why is because it can be a stressful job, so you should hire someone that genuinely enjoys development and coding. Of course, it’s nice when a freelance Java developer sees it more as a hobby rather than a job, meaning they love it so much, but it’s also important to stay professional. 

On the other hand, a developer has a lot of reasons to enjoy and love coding. The excitement of creating something new, solving challenging bugs, making a running program, and knowing that millions of people will have benefits from their work is pretty impressive. Therefore, try to find someone that you know they have immense love to code and adore working as a developer for the right reasons. 

Problem Solving Skills

The primary obligation of a software developer is to solve problems; therefore, problem-solving skills are a must. If you want a top-rated developer, you have to find an employee that can work under pressure and solve complex issues extremely quickly. In essence, your developer has to be the person everyone goes to when critical challenges arise since a top developer won’t quit because of a difficult problem. 

That’s why critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential when it comes to a software developer, and all of the best developers have excellent problem-solving qualities. 

In addition, it is excellent to find a person who, when they face a challenging situation, can use their powers to filter out noise, concentrate on the core of the issue, and find various solutions that can work. Although, it is fair to say that this quality comes from countless hours of working and learning and years of experience. But once a developer has these skills, they are always ready to use them no matter what the challenge is or how difficult the task they have to solve. 

Empathy Towards Everyone

Finally, but importantly, your potential software developer has to be a humble person who has empathy towards everyone and knows how to respect other people’s work. Especially if they have a lot of experience since they should know best how hard it is to be successful nowadays. 

Also, if they are smart enough, they will know that they can learn something from anyone. Another reason why they should be empathetic is that the more they know, the more they realize what is there to learn, and you can’t progress by being a solo player all the time. 

You should also look for someone that can step into other people’s shoes and be patient, sensitive, and understanding of new and inexperienced colleagues. They should be ready and willing to help everyone whenever possible and connect with all team members. 

So, next time you are in the process of hiring a new software developer for your company, make sure you follow these instructions and see whether your future client has these qualities. And don’t forget, a global talent network has half the job done already, so why bother when you can find a top-rated developer immediately. 

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