Top 10 highest paying online degrees in Healthcare

Top 10 highest paying online degrees in Healthcare

November 24, 2020 0 By Anonymus

Today, students search for careers that provide both social benefits and financial stability in the healthcare sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the healthcare sector will grow by 18 percent over the next decade. These statistics are much higher than the growth of other sectors. It may also gain an estimated addition of around 2 million jobs, which is why it attracts more students towards it.

More often than not, becoming a doctor is the first career choice that comes to mind in the healthcare industry. However, it is not the only one. There are several other high paying alternatives available. Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, boardrooms, and classrooms all have work opportunities for individuals with a healthcare degree that pay anything between $48,000 to $170,000. Here are 10 degrees in healthcare that can be acquired online, and that also pay well.

      1. Business Administration in Healthcare 

The ever-growing healthcare industry is always in need of well-qualified business graduates with leadership skills to manage and run healthcare facilities that provide outstanding care for patients. Bachelors, Masters, Executive Masters, and Doctorates in Business Administration offer students a wide range of career choices in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Job titles include positions such as Medical Sales Officer and Chief Executive Officer. These careers pay anywhere between the national average salary range of $70,070 to $173,000.


       2. Masters of Public Health 


This degree is ideal for individuals who aspire to work in the public sector and research. You can learn more about how enrolling in this degree online can help you be an essential part of the healthcare system. Students taking this degree have career choices such as Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Manager and can earn you an average salary of $98,654. 


      3. Online Degree in Nursing 


The next in line of the highest paying online healthcare degrees is an online degree in Nursing. While you can complete some of these degrees online, you may still have to undergo clinical work and rotations on a campus or healthcare facility. You also opt for a master’s degree in one track, such as nurse anesthesia, nurse practitioner, and nurse-midwifery. Out of these roles, anesthesiologists earn the most, with salaries reaching as high as $140,591.


      4. Online Doctorate in Pharmacy


Another one of the highest paying online health degrees is the Online Doctorate in Pharmacy. This degree is a self-paced and flexible one. It teaches an individual the proper dispensation of prescription medications that brings the student a career with an average pay of around $111,860.


      5. Masters in Physician Assistant Studies


Pursuing an online Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies helps educate one in many areas regarding healthcare, including ethics, research writing, management, clinical data, physical examinations, diagnoses, patient assessment, and lab analysis. A Physician Assistant has an average salary of $93,029.

      6. Online Degree in Healthcare Administration 

This degree is not too different from a business administration degree in healthcare. Students who pursue a degree in Healthcare Administration will receive a complete knowledge of the healthcare industry from an administrative perspective. They will also gain business, management, organizational leadership, communication, team collaboration, public relations, data, and problem-solving skills. The somewhat convenient and flexible degree is also one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees. It opens up career opportunities as healthcare administrators, healthcare consultants, and hospital administrators, with salaries ranging from $64,356 to $88,676.


       7. Online Degree in Psychology BS, MS, PsyD


An online degree in psychology is a great path to pursue for people keen on and passionate about helping others. A postgrad in psychology is both a flexible and affordable way to pursue a career in psychology. Graduates can choose to become a lecturer in another university or practice as a psychologist. These careers offer a pay scale starting at $74,656 and going up to $86,210. Individuals who have a private practice can potentially earn even more.


      8. Online Doctorate in Social Work


The high paying online healthcare degree of an online doctorate in social work provides professionals with competence in research and analyzing theory. It also teaches leadership, social strategies, evaluation, strategic thinking, and collaboration. With salaries ranging from $52,091 for a Medical Social Worker to $86,210 for a Professor of Social Work, it is one of the highest paying online medical degrees in healthcare.


       9. Online Degree in Physical Therapy BPT, DPT


For people with excellent communication skills, and the desire to help others recover mobility, an online degree in Physical Therapy is a great career path. Graduates can obtain occupations that have an average salary range of $53,000 to $84,365. It presents the students with career options such as a Physical Therapist Director, a Physical Therapist, or a Physical Therapy Assistant.


      10. Online Masters in Chemistry


The study of chemistry plays a vital role in healthcare and medicine, especially if you are into biochemistry. Though it isn’t a conventional healthcare degree, it will help you land a good job in a related field. This degree is the perfect option for full-time working professionals as it is flexible, portable, and entirely online. It offers careers such as a Toxicologist, a Biomedical Scientist, or a Medical Laboratory Scientist that pay anywhere from $53,000 to $82,726.


Healthcare education has much to offer to students seeking career opportunities in v the healthcare sector, that too with lucrative salary packages.  Though most of these degrees are online, you might still be required to complete some part of the program in a healthcare facility. Nonetheless, they are all affordable and flexible. So what degree are you pursuing?

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