Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

While we thought the worst parts of the pandemic have taken rest, another COVID variant has made its way. Omicron is spreading like wildfire has made us less hopeful about “normal” New Year.

In other words, we are still going to see our family a lot more at home. Working, learning, and living during the pandemic, have taught us that we might survive a day without food or water but there is no way we can live with a slow internet connection. Those working from home know how a slow internet connection can turn you into a monster.

So, if you have a family like ours that needs a high-speed internet connection for working and taking classes in the day, and watching Frozen 2 on the chilly winter nights, then we have some tips to help you with.

Check the Cables

One of the good reasons why the internet connection in your family is slow is not because your little brother cannot stop watching live streams on YouTube; it is because there are loosened and torn internet cables in your home. Internet cables can tear up, loose, or work inadequately because of environmental changes and it is important to get them fixed for better signals.

These infrastructural wires are the core of getting better and high-speed signals for the devices in your home. The first thing that you have to do is to get to the source of your internet connection and inspect whether the cables are in a good state or not. Sometimes the cables are just loosened up from the ports of the source and fastening at the right ports can solve the matter. If not. then your cables might be damaged and for this, you need to catch your Internet Service Provider and get them replaced for high bandwidth on your home.

Check Your Internet Plan

We might have forgotten to tell you the basics of having a good internet speed in your home and that is having a good Internet Service Provider. There are a good number of providers in the United States offering high-speed internet service to the household. All you have to do is do some research. Finding the right ISP and choosing the right internet plan for home will keep you sorted with a strong internet connection for a long time.

The first step, choose a good ISP. Like we said there are several good options but if you want to stay away from internet troubles for a long time, then choosing Cox Internet service is the best move. Cox Internet offers a high-speed internet connection with a download speed of 150 Mbps, access to over 3 million wife hotspots, and a lot more. Cox Internet is the best service to have for small families who want to stay on the internet, all the time.

Your current ISP might not offer a higher download speed and the current internet plan you have is not sufficient for your needs.  Make sure you know how much internet speed is required before you choose an Internet plan from Cox Internet.

Wrapping Up

The pandemic increased internet usage at home, slowing down internet connections. However, replacing your current ISP with a better one and fixing some cables can help you solve the issue.

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