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Tips on launching a Google Ads remarketing campaign

What Is Remarketing? 

Remarketing is an incredibly useful technique that’s used commonly in digital marketing. Essentially, remarketing is where marketers deliver ads to audiences that have either viewed their previous ads, visited their website or performed a specific action within a certain timeframe. It’s a great way to target people that are aware of your brand and potentially need another push to convert. 

Remarketing can occur on a multitude of different marketing platforms, one being Google Ads, and it is fairly easy to get your head around but has a few technical aspects that can seem complicated if you’re not a digital marketing expert. If this is the case, it may be best to get help from a marketing agency that specialises in pay-per-click advertising. For example, searching PPC agency in London will give you a comprehensive selection of great companies that can execute your remarketing.  

So, What Does Remarketing Consist Of In Google Ads?

Remarketing in Google Ads can be made up of any of the ad formats you’d see during a regular marketing campaign. The technicality that sets remarketing ads apart from the rest, is the audiences it targets. Remarketing campaigns use tracking codes that place cookies in a website user’s browser, which the company then use to deliver ads to people with this cookie. You can then segment these visitors into separate audiences depending on what action the user has taken. For example, you can run specific campaigns with tailored messaging to those that have added products to their cart and then abandoned their purchase. Pretty cool, right? 

Why Is Remarketing Helpful For Your Business?        

Remarketing is useful for multiple reasons, the main one being it allows you to capitalise on lost traffic. The conversion opportunities that have been lost when customers leave your website are then reopened by targeting them with ads tailored with something to entice them back to you. Remarketing also reaches the most relevant possible audience, as they are confirmed to be interested in your brand. Your marketing strategy and budget should definitely include remarketing! Any PPC agency in London or around the United Kingdom would recommend you get started with it as soon as possible. 

Now, For Our Google Ads Remarketing Campaign Tips 

Set Clear Remarketing Objectives

As with any marketing campaign, having clear goals and objectives is key to it being effective. Knowing what you’d like to get out of your google ads remarketing campaign can help you maximise your leads and conversions as the ad groups and sets can be tailored to these. Do you need to target abandoned carts? Or visitors within a certain amount of time? Have you got an upcoming sale that you’d like previous potential users to be aware of? By taking a chunk of time to hone your strategy, all you need to do later on is set up the campaigns. 

Grow Your Remarketing Lists 

A remarketing campaign is nothing without audiences to target again! Having a strong email audience or a loyal group of Facebook interactors is a fundamental key. You can achieve this by engaging with potential or past consumers regularly through organic and paid content, and also by asking for consent for them to be added to your email list when purchasing products. You can then add these lists to your Google Ads account and retarget them via your campaigns.

Upselling & Cross-Selling 

Upselling and cross-selling are great ways to turn customers into returning ones. Upselling is when your customer has purchased a lower-cost item such as a phone case, then your ads retarget them with a higher-cost-related item such as Bluetooth earphones or another accessory. As the customer has already bought something from you, they’re more likely to trust your brand over others and convert again. Cross-selling is similar to upselling and is great if you have specific landing pages you’d like to retarget. If a consumer has just purchased a pair of shoes from you, cross-selling in remarketing would be targeting them with an ad that shows the matching accessory to those shoes. 

Frequency Capping 

There’s a fine line between gently reminding your audience they didn’t purchase a  product they looked at, and bombarding them with ads for it. This will annoy your customers and actually make them less likely to shop from your brand as they know they’ll get even more ads from you! Frequency capping is a feature in Google Ads that allows you to set a limit on how many times an individual user can be shown your ad in a specific time period. 

So, to sum it up. Remarketing is an incredibly useful tool to integrate within your marketing strategy. It helps you grow brand awareness, increases conversions and build a group of returning customers. Remarketing is also particularly useful in the run-up to big events like sales or even the Christmas period. If you’re looking for a way to drive more sales but aren’t sure how to remarket on your own, get in touch with a PPC agency in London. 


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