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Egypt has always been a popular destination for Brazilians, after all, the country is historically extremely rich and offers great cultural experiences to its visitors. Ancient civilization, biblical stories and the famous and world-renowned mummies and pyramids arouse the curiosity of people all over the world, including us Brazilians. You can book your Nile River Cruise with Luxor and Aswan Travel.

However, as it is a country with a troubled recent history, mainly in the field of politics, several people have already given up on knowing the wonders of the place due to a “prejudice” created. But, visiting at the right time and following the basic tips, the experience can be wonderful. That’s why we prepared this article with some of the reasons you should consider when choosing your next destination and, of course, put Egypt in your options.

 What to do in Egypt

  If you are one of those people who really likes places with lots of tourist options, then Egypt is perfect for you. Most tourist attractions are linked to the country’s culture and history, so get ready to visit unforgettable places.

  The Great Sphinx of Giza is one such example, with its majestic 70 meters long and 20 meters wide it is the largest monolith statue in the world. The building is extremely old, dating from approximately 2500 BC, it holds very cool secrets and curiosities for those who love historical itineraries.

“Another big question for those who are going to visit Egypt is in relation to communication. For those who do not know the official language of the country, modern standard Arabic is, however, English is the most used language for local tourism thanks to the influx of workers with TEFL courses.”

Another interesting visit in Egypt is the temple of Karnak, it is the main building dedicated to the god Amun-Ra and dating from 360 BC The cool thing about this tourist spot is that it is close to other important temples such as Mut and Luxor, that is, you can do a very tourist itinerary in one day and visit the main temples in the country.

 In the capital, tourists cannot miss the Egyptian Museum, the largest and most important in all of Egypt. The building has had the same address since 1900, having undergone several repairs that made its architecture even more beautiful. In addition, the place has no less than 120 thousand pieces in its collection, that is, you have a lot to be dazzled and know even more about the local culture and history.

 How to get

 Unfortunately, there is still no direct flight to Egypt from Brazil, all flights arriving in the country have connections in other countries. Leaving Brazil you will probably take connections with European countries and also with the United Arab Emirates. So get ready for some good hours of flying until you reach your final destination.


 As with all tourist attractions, you can stay in both hotels and hostels, which are usually cheaper than the former. Of course, depending on where you choose to stay, prices can vary greatly.

If you don’t give up the practicality of being close to everything and want to stay in the center in a good hotel, in Cairo for example, it is obvious that accommodation will be quite expensive. There are also hostels in the center that cost about R$ 60 (sixty reais) a day, with breakfast included.

For the most renowned hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo, next to the Nile River, you will have to pay around R$ 1,075 (one thousand and seventy-five reais) per night. Another option is the Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah, quite luxurious and with a daily rate of around R$ 520 (five hundred and twenty reais).

Tourist guides

 Many people like the spirit of freedom during travel and, therefore, end up dispensing with the use of guided tours, pre-established itineraries and the famous guides. However, there are some countries that naturally bring restrictions to dispense with the guide, as is the case of Egypt. You must always remember that the rules and customs are quite different from what you are used to and a native can make your experience much better than the “alone adventure”.

 Guided tours as well as itineraries are very valuable in Egypt. With them you will have greater security in relation to local customs, advice on the clothes you should wear so you don’t disrespect anyone and even a little help in the insistence of annoying salespeople or any other inconvenience. That is, never give up the guides for your tour to be totally pleasant for you in every possible way.

 And as for the itineraries, they are also very worthwhile because there is nothing better than traveling without any worries and without having to organize what you are going to do, how to get to the tourist spot, how to leave, etc. That’s why there are several itineraries and Egypt Tours for you to get the most out of this experience. Best of all, there are options for all budgets and tastes, so you have everything from the cheapest to the most luxurious, you just have to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

 When to visit Egypt

 We all know that Egypt is known for its high temperatures, so you need to know the best and worst weather-related times to make your trip.

 The worst periods for visiting are between the months of May and October where the thermometers are close to 40°C and the weather is extremely dry and hot. That’s why it’s advisable to avoid this time because the temperature can have a serious problem, even ending your dream trip.

  Between the months of November and April is the best time to visit the pyramids, the climate is milder and the heat more bearable. But it is worth noting that in the Egyptian spring, which occurs in April, there is a very particular phenomenon called sirocco. Sirocco is nothing more than hot winds that cause sandstorms and suddenly increase the temperature.

  The currency of Egypt

  For those who don’t know, the country works with the Egyptian pound, a very particular currency and well undervalued. The pound, nowadays, is equivalent to about R$ 0.25 (twenty-five cents). In other words, one real in Egypt ends up becoming 4.37 EGP.

  If you are planning a trip to the country, the best option is to buy US dollars or euros in Brazil, as they are easier to exchange at exchange offices in Egypt. Do not try to go with reais because you will face difficulty in exchanging the currency.

 The visa

The question of many Brazilians who travel outside Brazil is whether the country needs a visa, of course the question also applies to Egypt. And the answer is YES, you, Brazilian, do need a visa to be able to enter Egypt without any problems. To get this visa you have two options: apply for it at the Egyptian embassy or consulate, here in Brazil or at Cairo airport during your arrival. In other words, if you go without a visa, you can still pack it inside the airport and continue your trip without any problems.

As for the value, it is around US$ 25 (twenty-five US dollars) and can be obtained in a very simple way. After payment, you will receive a sticker to take with your passport to get the visa stamp on it. Very simple and easy.

Communication in Egypt

Another big question for those who are going to visit Egypt is in relation to communication. For those who do not know the official language of the country, modern standard Arabic is, however, English is the most used language for local tourism. That is, if you speak English, you will easily communicate with everyone you need. And a curiosity that is worth knowing is that in most markets the vendors usually speak several languages, after all it is an extremely touristy country. It is possible to find sellers speaking even our good and delicious Portuguese, trying to convince you, of course, to take some product home.

And if market vendors are helpful and speak any language to convince you to buy, the same is not the case with Uber drivers, security guards and ordinary people on the streets who don’t even speak English, making communication very difficult. Therefore, the recommendation is that you have a cell phone with a translation application, so you can communicate and get the most basic information you need.

Clothing in Egypt

As in any other country with a majority of Muslim inhabitants, the inhabitants of Egypt wear clothing that leaves the body as little exposed as possible. This goes for local residents who even wear a burqa. Of course, the “rules” are not so strict for tourists, after all, the country lives off tourism and these limitations would directly affect the number of visitors. But it’s always nice to have common sense, even so as not to offend the people of the country you are in.

For women, necklines are always good to avoid, as well as tight and short clothes. Men should also avoid tank tops and shorts that are too short. Long hair can also be tied back so as not to offend the Egyptians, and scarves can and should be worn a lot. Remember that the country’s culture is totally different from what we are used to and it is worth common sense and respect for local residents.

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