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Tips for Purchasing The Right Digital Lock

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Most people in Singapore invest a large amount of money in purchasing their homes and spend more money on decorating the home. Additionally, they will also buy many expensive appliances for their home, and keep valuables like jewelry, and cash in their home. So it is important to ensure that there are no unauthorized intruders, burglars, or robbers who will damage the home and steal the valuables kept there. It is observed that a majority of the burglars are entering homes when the house is empty since they will not meet any resistance. The burglars are usually tampering with or breaking the lock which is installed. Also, choose the best and smart Door Locks that make your home or commercial laplace safe.

Selecting a lock

Hence many homeowners are interested in finding a suitable lock for their homes. Most conventional mechanical locks can be easily tampered with or broken. So homeowners would like to find out the best hdb gate digital lock available. There are a large number of companies manufacturing and supplying digital locks, and these locks differ in their features, pricing, and other details. Some of the factors which should be considered while choosing a digital lock for a home are discussed so that the homeowner can make the right choice.


The main consideration for choosing a digital lock is the features of the lock. Most of the better digital locks have a fingerprint sensor so that the homeowner can decide the family members whose fingerprints will be used to enter the house. This is very convenient since the family members do not have to bother to carry the keys with them. The lock may also have RFID access as an additional option. In some cases, the access code for unlocking the digital lock can be set, so the lock will also have a touchscreen keypad, through which anyone wishing to enter the house can enter the access code.

The digital lock will use a battery or is connected to the power supply. In case there is a problem with the electronics, it should be possible to unlock the door manually, so a conventional key is also provided for the digital lock. Often homeowners are away for a longer period of time, and they wish to ensure that no one enters their house when they are away. In this case, the lock should have an “away” mode, when no one can open the door. In case of unauthorized access when the away mode is activated, a loud sound will be heard to alert the security and neighbors in the area.

Installation & Warranty

The digital lock is usually more complicated compared to a conventional lock, so it is advisable to purchase the lock from a reputed company, which will also install the lock. After installation, the supplier will test the lock and train family members on using it. The homeowner should check the warranty offered on the lock, before purchasing it, since it is an indication of the quality of the lock. Most of the better digital lock manufacturers are offering a warranty of at least two years on their lock if it is installed properly.

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