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Hawaiian shirts have changed and evolved over time, much like the Pacific tide that swept the beaches of Oahu. This look has been popularized by many, including Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii, Tom Selleck in Magnum, Andy Samberg in Palm Springs, and Leo in Romeo & Juliet. This style is also seen in many corporate offices, on Aloha (casual) Fridays, and at every Hawaiian luau. They’re still very popular, despite fluctuations in popularity. These vibrant, fun designs will help you embrace Aloha spirit and add tropical joy to your everyday outfit include anti social club like outfits.

What is a Hawaiian Shirt?

Hawaiian shirts, also called Aloha shirts, are short-sleeved shirts with a tropical print. They often feature floral motifs like hibiscus, palm tree, monster and frangipani. They often have a relaxed Cuban-style collar with a button-up closure. While traditional cuts are looser and more relaxed, modern versions offer more tailored, slimmer shapes. Chotaro Miyamoto was the original designer of this style and it was sold in his Honolulu store. The shirts gained popularity in Hawaii after World War II when many of the soldiers who returned from the war brought them back to the mainland.

How to wear a Hawaiian shirt?

These are the key rules to wearing Hawaiian shirts and not looking like a tourist. First, fit. You want to look fashionable, so choose a slimmer or more fitted cut that flatters your body. Second, confidence is key. People will immediately notice if you are unsure of your appearance. Start your Aloha shirt journey by choosing a subtler print if you are unsure. Otherwise, you can get custom t shirts bulk so you can design your own Hawaiian shirt, and sell it online. Styling is the final step. The shirt is a major statement piece, so keep the rest of the outfit simple. You can combine the colors of your shirt with complementary shades to your lower half. If in doubt, you can always wear neutral-colored shorts or trousers.

Hawaiian Shirt & Shorts

A classic combination for summer is shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. These outfits are best worn with shorts that reach the knee. A seven- to nine-inch inseam is ideal. For a bright, fun look, choose one color from your shirt and match it with a pair of shorts. If you prefer something more sophisticated, a contrasting color like navy and white, paired with tailored navy pants, will give you a timeless, but stylish with chrome hearts hoodie, look. You can also choose neutral or white shorts. A straighter cut shirt will look better than an oversized shirt unless it’s being worn over a plain T-shirt. A pair of white sneakers from Common Projects, or a pair boat shoes are ideal. You will look polished and modern, but still feel put together.

Hawaiian shirt + trousers/jeans

For a smart-casual look, Hawaiian shirts can be worn with trousers. Similar to shorts pairings it is best to keep your pants simple so that the shirt can speak for itself. For a casual and easy look, try pleated or drawstring trousers. Or opt for flat-front trousers for work. To avoid visual noise, you should avoid belts. Instead, choose a slimmer cut shirt that suits the tailored look. If you prefer to keep your shirt neat, tucked-in shirts work best. However, depending on the occasion, you can wear them untucked. You can also wear your Hawaiian shirt with slim black jeans and black boots. If it’s cold, you can add a jacket.

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