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Tips for a Better Beer Experience

Beer is the fermented beverage that is consumed the most frequently all around the world.

Despite its widespread acceptance, many people are still unable to drink it properly.

According to, knowing the proper way to consume beer is essential to have the experience of drinking it like a pro. If you want to take your next drinking event to the next level, you should avoid making these common blunders when serving and drinking a cold beer.

1. Do not drink beer from a bottle or can.

The aromas will not be able to dissipate if you drink straight from the container. The beer’s flavor is diminished if you can’t smell it properly. Pour the brew into a glass to get a whiff of the scent.


2. Avoid using pint glasses at all costs.

Having a pint of beer isn’t the best way to enjoy the beverage. Holding one in your hands warms the beer, making it taste worse. However, these are used in restaurants since they are tough to break and affordable.

When drinking dark or light beer, use a red or white wine glass where you can swirl your drink instead of a pint glass.

3. Store your beer correctly.

Beer’s scent and taste are influenced by how it is stored. As a general rule, you should store your beer in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve its flavor. This is because direct sunlight degrades the freshness and alters the beer’s flavor.

Make sure you don’t store your beers in the freezer for too long when chilling them. They lose their flavor rapidly, so keeping them in the freezer for a long time may result in an unpleasant taste.

When storing beer in the refrigerator, it is recommended to be kept upright for 10 minutes before consumption.

4. Make sure to clean your glass.

If you intend to consume a beer, use a clean glass that has been rinsed in cool water and air-dried. Before serving, you can optionally dip the container in cold water.

Unwashed residue can impair your drinking experience. Harsh-smelling soap and overused drying cloths can also leave a foul odor and taste on your glass.

5. Stay away from ice-cold beer.

In contrast to commercials depicting ice-cold drinks, some beers are better served somewhat warmly. If your tongue is half-frozen, you won’t be able to appreciate the drink properly.

Allow a cold beer to sit on the counter for at least ten minutes after taking it out of the fridge before drinking it. The optimal temperature is between 44 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Other beverages, such as malty Imperial stouts and doppelbocks, are best savored at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


6. Try mixed drinks with beer.

On its own, beer is undeniably delicious. It’s still common to include beer in mixed drinks because of the variety of flavors and breweries available. Even though many beer-based concoctions aren’t cocktails because they don’t have alcoholic liquor, the term “cocktail” is sometimes applied to them.

To get you started, here are some types of for beer cocktails to try:

  • Chelada
  • Black Velvet
  • Summer Shandy

 Occasions To Drink Beer 

While many people have no cause to drink beer, there are specific occasions when a cool one is in order:

 After a Day’s Work  

After a long day’s work, it’s wonderful to unwind with a refreshing beer now and then. For some, having a beer to relax is nearly a ritual.

Whether you’re celebrating at home or with colleagues, a fantastic beer provides instant gratification.

 During the First Date 

First dates can be stressful. It would be beneficial if you had something to break the ice, that would bring out your presentable, friendly, bright, and witty side without appearing inappropriate. All it takes is a nice cold beer. It will help you relax and find the confidence and charm of a smooth talker while still having fun and enjoying the experience. Drink a beer if you want to make an excellent first impression, but do it in moderation.

 During Significant Life Events 

No celebration is complete without a pack of beer on hand, whether it’s your birthday, a promotion, an anniversary, or something else. Even small victories, such as updating your clothes or making new friends, are worthy of celebration.

 Key Takeaway 

You shouldn’t be able to go out and have a good time this weekend now that you know how to drink and keep your beer correctly. That said, nothing can prevent you from having a good time with your preferred beverage, regardless of whether you have chosen to go to the bar down the street or get the beers in at home.

If you have a friend who adores beer but is unsure how to enjoy it properly, you should not only bring him some beer but also enlighten him on tips for a better beer experience.

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