15 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Apple Devices Work Better For You

15 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Apple Devices Work Better For You

October 19, 2020 0 By Tech Junkie

If you use or own an Apple product, you know how easy and intuitive it is to use. Beyond that user-friendly interface, Apple packs a powerhouse of features designed to make using your Apple devices even easier.

The surprising part is many Apple users don’t know about these features and tricks! Each time Apple releases a new iOS and macOS update, you’ll find more helpful elements allowing you to do more with your Apple devices.

The best part is many of these features are customizable. You can set aesthetic elements to make reading and looking at your Apple device easier on your eyes. To make life easier, Apple devices can communicate and work together allowing you to share work seamlessly.

Do you want to make your life a little easier? Check out these 15 tips and tricks to make your Apple devices work better for you!

  1. Make Text Bolder and Larger 

When you’re using your Apple phone, MacBook, or any other device, you want to be able to read and use it right? Those who don’t have perfect 20/20 eyesight may need larger text or higher contrast between colors to improve legibility. Fortunately, you can do both on your Apple devices.

To make your device’s text bolder, navigate to the Settings app, and select Display & Brightness. A toggle bar will appear allowing you to turn on the Bold Text option. On the same page, select the Text Size option to adjust the size of the text. A slider will appear letting your customize your text to the exact size that works best for you.

  1. Moving Multiple Apps 

Over time, we’re always adding useful apps to our devices. As this happens we often find ourselves sifting through a chaotic heap of disorganized apps taking up space on your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad. Fortunately, you can clean and reorganize by moving multiple apps all at once!

On your phone or tablet, press and hold one app with one finger. Keep it held as you use another finger to press and slide other apps on top of the first one you pressed. After you’ve collected all of the apps you need to move, you can drag them all together to a new page, folder, or wherever you wish them to go.

  1. Apple Reads Out Loud 

Did you know Apple has a handy feature that will read the text on your screen out loud? This is a great accessibility feature that can help anyone including those with limited vision. It will also read the letters you press as you type, the app you’re touching, battery life, who’s calling, and much more!

You can enable this app by navigating to the Settings and selecting Accessibility. Press the VoiceOver option and slide the toggle to the right to turn it on. At the bottom of the screen, you can adjust the voice speed from slow to fast.

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  1. Turn Off Apple’s Two Factor Identification

While many of us enjoy good security, it can sometimes become a headache. Apple’s 2-Factor Identification is a great security tool requiring users to present two pieces of evidence to confirm their identity and use their device or an app. This security, however, can quickly become an annoyance if you need to access something on your device quickly.

If you had set up your Apple ID before iOS 10.3 or macOS Sierra 10.12.4, you’ll be able to turn this feature off. Learning how to turn off 2-factor authentication is easy. If your Apple ID was set up after those updates, you won’t have the option to turn off the 2-factor identification.

  1. Smart Selection on iPad

Do you enjoy taking notes by hand on your iPad but dislike the process of rereading them later on? With smart selection on iPad, you can select handwritten words and turn them into clean legible text. You can then take those notes and add them to another document or an email.

After writing in the Notes app, tap and hold the words or sentences you want to select. They’ll become highlighted in yellow when selected. Tap anywhere on the selection to bring up a menu of options and select Copy as Text.

Your handwritten words will automatically convert to text.

  1. Swipe-Text Keyboard

You can make typing on your iPhone’s keyboard faster with Apple’s swipe-capable keyboard, also known as QuickPath Typing. Simply trace out the word you want to spell on your keyboard and your Apple device with iOS 13 will convert it into the word. It’s very accurate and makes typing one-handed quick and easy.

Not a fat of the swiping keyboard? You can turn it off in the Keyboard option under the General Settings.

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  1. Switch to Dark Mode

Dark Mode is now an option on nearly all of your Apple devices. It’s a dark screen skin the replaces the traditional white and light grays. Many apps now feature a unique dark screen when you enable dark mode on your phone.

Switch to dark mode by navigating to Settings on iOS or System Preferences in macOS and navigate to Display & Brightness or General respectively. You’ll have the option to enable light or dark mode or set it to enable at a specific time.

  1. Video Editing in the Photo App

Apple’s photo editing app received a major overhaul in the iOS 13 update. While your favorite editing tools still exist, they have a new look and the entire app makes editing and organizing a breeze!

The best part is you can use these same editing tools for your videos, too! You can edit colors, add filters, adjust brightness, and crop your videos right in the photo editing app. Open your latest videos in the app to start editing!

  1. Customize Your Control Center

Those buttons on your iPhone’s control center are all customizable. If there’s one you don’t use or another app you want to add, you can customize this center to make it work better for you!

Make changes by going to Settings and selecting Control Center. Choose the Customize Controls option to access the list of enabled controls. You can delete existing controls, add new ones, and rearrange the layout to fit your needs.

  1. Apps with Custom Fonts 

While you may have a limited selection of custom font options on your Apple devices, you can allow custom fonts within apps. With iOS 13 or later, you can download iOS apps such as Good Fonts and Cool Fonts. Recently, Apple partnered with a few popular third-party apps including Adobe, Monotype, and Founder for more font options.

You can view and manage your fonts under the General Settings on your iPhone.

  1. Share Music with a Second Pair of AirPods

Share music with your friends by sharing it with a second pair of AirPods or Bluetooth earphones. If the second pair of AirPods or earbuds doesn’t pop up on your phone, you can open the music or video control from your Control Center. An option to connect a second pair will appear.

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  1. Apple Continuity and Handoff

Continuity is Apple’s latest group of features designed to let you seamlessly share work, calls, texts, and personal hotspots between your different Apple devices. You can transfer a call or text from your iPhone to your MacBook. Continue drafting an email from your Mac computer to your iPhone if you need to run.

Start using this feature by ensuring your Apple devices are all logged into the same Apple account, connected to the same WiFi, and paired via Bluetooth. Navigate to Settings, select General, and open the Handoff & Suggested Apps option. Toggle the Handoff option to on and you can start effortlessly sharing work between your devices.

  1. Personal Hotspot

Similar to Apple Handoff, you can also use and save your iPhone’s or iPad’s personal hotspot on another Apple device. This is an incredibly handy feature for when you don’t have access to WiFi but need to use a device with the internet other than your phone.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, select Personal Hotspot and slide the Allow Others to Join toggle to on. Open the WiFi options on your other Apple device to select your personal hotspot. You may need to enter a password and then you’re good to go!

  1. Speed Up Your Slow Phone

Is your Apple device getting slow? Try regularly powering off your device to clear the memory and deleting apps you don’t use or take up too much space. Disabling app refresh will also save your processing power and battery life.

  1. Maximize Battery Life

Everyone despises a short batter life. Avoid batter problems by using the power saving options on your Apple devices. You can optimize battery life by dimming the brightness, enabling Low Power Mode, and checking Battery Usage Information.

In the last option, you can turn off the apps that use high amounts of power. These include Background Activity, Location, and push notifications.

Make the Most of Your Apple Devices Today!

Apple devices are offering more customizable features to make using your devices faster and easier. Once you start using these tips and tricks, you’ll wonder how you hadn’t used them sooner!

Want to learn more great tips to improve your tech life? Check out our latest Tech articles today!

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