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Is assembling furniture only for the experts? 

You might be thinking about it upon seeing a certain piece of furniture that appeals to you. You want how it looks, as well as the quality of the materials. But you’re hesitant to buy it as you’re not sure whether you can do the assembly yourself.

Some furniture could not be taken apart, piece by piece, so it had to be transported with care. Customers often want their purchase to be delivered as what it looks on display. And because of how big the furniture is, sometimes it gets damaged along the way. We want the quality of the furniture retained as how it was expertly made by the manufacturers. Any damage to the precious item will make the seller held accountable for it. 

However, we already said goodbye to days when furniture had to be put up only by skilled people. With the evolution of techniques in crafts and building, also carpentry, the furniture now comes in a flatpack. DIY building is also extremely popular nowadays. 

If you love buying pieces of furniture, for example, an office table for your new home workspace, don’t fear getting one and doing the assembly. You can surely do it yourself or hire a furniture assembly professional to help you out. 

In this blog post, we’ll help you understand how you can make the assembly process easier and why you should consider getting a furniture installer.

Tips for a Smooth Furniture Assembly Process 

Even with the ease and convenience offered by flatpack furniture, still, people are looking for ways they find most comfortable when they buy furniture. It is because they have no time to build that thing, they are too eager to use the item, or they just do not know how despite those manuals serving as guides. Not to mention, some manuals do not have clear instructions or are in different languages.

To make things smooth, we laid down here tips to build your flatpack furniture.

1. Assigned space

The first thing to do is to make room for your newly bought furniture. It will save you time if you get the exact measurements of the space that needs to be filled in. Avoid choosing overly large or small items that will look awkward when built.

2. Organisation of key parts

Once you have opened your flatpack, be careful in sorting out bolts and screws that are specifically made for your furniture. See to it that the main boards for a desktop, for example, are complete because it could be hard to find an alternative. 

3. Read the manual thoroughly

You may say, ‘it’s easy, I’ll get it done in no time’, without even checking out the manual.  If the construction process goes wrong, it is hard to start all over. This makes reading the manual before working on a flatpack crucial.

Oftentimes, on the first try of building the furniture, you might attach the screws a little harder and when you do it again, the space intended will be loose. This could result in unstructured furniture that is wobbly and useless.

4. No cheating, no glue

Skipping the steps in the manual and gluing parts could eventually ruin your furniture. Use the proper tools, intended screws, bolts and included parts only to achieve the furniture that you want, so it can serve its purpose properly. 

5. Consider a furniture assembly service.

Still frustrated because you’re not an experienced builder or a beginner?

Maybe you need to find a furniture assembly service that can give you the help you need to complete your project with confidence. With their help, you can avoid the problem of reading vague and confusing instructions, which frequently results in having to spend hours trying to put together a single piece of furniture.

Why You Should Hire a Furniture Installer

If things will not go your way, it is time for experts to come in. Let them manage your flatpack purchase and watch them build it in no time. They have the necessary tools and expertise to assemble, disassemble or relocate the furniture you want easily. 

Here are four great reasons to hire a furniture assembly service.

1. Less time, less stress

Anyone who has ever tried to assemble a piece of flat-pack furniture knows the frustration that comes with it. On the contrary, when the experts work on it, they do it in less time and without stress.

These furniture assembly service providers are knowledgeable in building different types of furniture. They can usually do it in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself, saving you precious time to do more things. 

2. Skilled and qualified

With countless experiences to back up these builders, they can manage to do everything. From beds, dining tables, and desktops with different structures like L shapes or chairs, the list of brands and types of furniture for these skilled workers to handle is endless. If you expect flawless results, do not think twice about hiring a furniture assembly service.

3. Properly insured

With the right tools, these skilled builders do it right the first time. The proper installation of parts is assured to achieve sturdy and long-lasting furniture. Also, these handymen ensure top-quality service and as little damage as possible. 

Furniture installers are also trained in risk assessment to keep you away from unnecessary injuries and accidents in handling big items. And when things go wrong, insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your furniture is damaged during the assembly process. They uphold keeping your family safe, especially kids and people with special needs.

4. No mess aftercare

If you have ever tried to assemble furniture, you know that it can be a real pain and an even bigger pain to clean up afterwards. With furniture assembly service, you do not have to worry about either of those things. They will put your furniture together quickly and efficiently, and make sure that there is no mess when they are finished. 

Also, these professionals will make sure all the pieces are in place and that no screws or nails are left behind. They will vacuum any debris that may have accumulated during the installation process. As a result, you can rest assured that your furniture will be assembled correctly and that your home will be clean and safe.

In Closing

Assembling flatpack furniture can be a frustrating experience, but it does not have to be. With these tips, you can have your new bookcase or table put together in no time, with no stress. 

You can also choose to hire a furniture assembly service. By doing so, you can be sure that the furniture will be assembled correctly, and you will not have to worry about it falling apart or being unstable.

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