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MBA is a degree that requires you to become very serious from the very start only. And especially this time when CAT or Common Admission Test is just a few months far. CAT, or Common Admission Test, is one of the most popular and challenging exams to crack in India to get a seat in the top Business schools in India. The Brand colleges like FMS, Delhi, and IIM tag holder colleges conduct their admissions through this exam only, making it one of the most important exams for the aspirants here. 

Every year, the exam is conducted in November, and surprisingly, it is among those few exams that never got delayed, even during the peak coronavirus pandemic. 

For cracking a competition like this, the Common Admission Test or popularly called CAT, an aspirant needs to start at least 6 months before securing a good rank. 

As June nears, the time has come now for the aspirants to take their time more seriously because you should never take the time you have for granted. Being a student or an aspirant, if we correctly introduce you, it is essential for you to that you strategize your schedule in a way that can help to manage the time you have efficiently. It also enables you to achieve your desired rank at completion. One can use online learning portals that use advanced software like institute ERP and LMS portals while covering the topics that one finds hard.

How significant is the MBA degree?

In a country like India, the importance of this degree needs no justification. In India, if we go deep into the problems we face these days, it is somehow related to the management process that requires brilliant and hardworking MBA graduates to manage things efficiently. These studies can further help industrialists and start-ups grow with their best potential. 

An individual’s skill set while learning or doing an MBA is precisely the need of developing countries like India. Also, there is no sector in which MBA graduates are not hired. 

When you do an MBA, you get many opportunities into sectors you wanted to explore before but couldn’t because your graduation degree was nowhere related. MBA helps you expand your caliber and potential to increase your confidence and professional experience automatically. 

CAT or Common Admission Test 

CAT is not like other competitive exams where a lot of candidates appear. Yes, we are talking about exams like NEET, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, and JEE or Joint Entrance Exams, where a particular section of students can appear to try their knowledge and skills. 

CAT is the overall assessment of your personality; therefore, it asks you questions from Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, and English Comprehension. 

We all know that MBA is a degree that exposes you to the corporate world, and thus, in the entrance, it has to check how strong your basics and interpersonal skills are. However, the admissions are not secured just on behalf of this exam. Still, they have several rounds ahead, which happen at the college or institute that accepts your score and will conduct a personal interview. 

Let’s talk about the exam in a little more detail now.

Exam in Detail 

CAT or Common Admission Test conducts computer-based exams every year in November. The paper has portions of Basic English and Mathematics; however, the questions are trickier but can be solved quickly on the studies done before school. 

The exam not just revolves around direct concept questions, but it has questions that require you to apply the concepts learned to move forward and solve the question. The paper has sections like Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Verbal ability, Reading comprehension, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Ability. 

Modern technology has helped this exam be conducted using 

the best school management software and institute ERP and helped it get conducted safely during the peak times of corona. 

It again makes us believe that technology has made our lives easy and made things comfortable for us, and has kept us safe during the biggest crisis of the 21st century. 

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