Things you should know about writing essay – 2021 guide

Things you should know about writing essay – 2021 guide

February 13, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Writing an excellent essay is better than asking anyone to fix my essay. Henceforth, you need to know certain things about writing essays.

  1. Identify the reader because an essay is like a direct conversation with the audience. An exam question can tell you about your readers, but not a general essay can. For instance, people are interested in sports, the people living in a town, or students in a school, college, or university. Every word of your essay should be engaging and of the reader’s interest right from the beginning. 
  2. Your essay should get all the attention that is required if you are anywhere over the internet. It is known as click-baiting, and the writer tries to make the audience open up the page leading to their essay. You need to think and ponder like a journalist while jotting down your essay. 
  3. Your essay should be interesting enough to engage readers till the last line of it. Make the paragraphs clear by using subheadings to give a break in between the texts. Write in a conversational and semi-informal style to make it more appealing and understanding and organize your ideas accordingly. Managing the essay adequately is a vital part of writing an essay. Brainstorm ideas, spend 5 to 10 minutes, and jot down new ideas. Write a short introductory paragraph after thinking of the adequate subheadings that will give the reader insight. 
  4. Make your essay precise and easy to read. Keep one thing your mind that the reader must and should read the item until the end and not leave it between or from the starting. Do not showcase everything at the start; keep the suspense going break by a break to keep the readers engaged till the end. 
  5. Conclude adequately answering all the queries mentioned in the essay. Sum up your item, including all the points, queries, and other aspects of your essay. However, the best conclusions line back to the introductory points in one way or another. 

Look at other essay and jot down the ones you find interesting. Check out what intrigues and fascinates you. Compare it with others and note the important elements are making it more engaging and interesting. Once you know the secret recipe for writing an essay, you will master the writing field. 

However, you need to avoid the listed below mistakes that the writers usually make:

  • Avoid using more suited and formal language in essays; words like some people say, to sum up, nevertheless, etc. 
  • Use more quotations, examples, and references to make it more authentic and fascinating. 
  • Use an adequate amount of questions, neither too many nor too few. 
  • Questions should be in rhetorical form. Rhetorical questions are the ones that do not require any answer. 

Examples of rhetorical questions are:

  • Did you ever do……?
  • What are your thoughts about…….?
  • Do you belong to the category of people who………..?
  • What your life be life if………..?
  • Can the future bring us,………..?


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